Last Updated: November 7, 2023

The new project will have a 0% edge for the platform, and players will be free to negotiate their wagering.

Rollbit’s much-anticipated RuneScape-inspired Duel Arena will soon be launched in an “early access” version, its co-founder Lucky stated in a post on X.

“Our 0% edge RuneScape-inspired Duel Arena will be opening up for early access very soon!” he said.

Players will be allowed to wager crypto, NFTs, and RLB. So far, Rollbit has shared several pictures of the upcoming gaming arena.

RuneScape-Inspired Duel Arena

Rollbit is rolling out RuneScape-inspired Duel Arena, where players can negotiate their bets. The key feature of this new offering from the popular crypto casino is that the house will have a zero percent edge.

“Rollbit will take zero commissions, and all duels will be provably fair with the hash derived from a future Ethereum block,” Lucky said in the X post.

It means the upcoming gaming arena will be entirely luck-based, where players have a 50% chance of winning the fight.

“We’ve been working on the Duel Arena for over 1 year and have built everything from scratch, polishing every minor detail to ensure we recreate a similar experience to the 2011-2012 staking era. Watching it come to fruition has been incredible,” Lucky elaborated.

Another Rollbit partner, Borovik.eth, also announced the news and repeated it with a new picture of the upcoming gaming arena.

Reliving the OGs

Earlier, Rollbit announced that profit is not the motive of this new venture. The primary objective is to recreate the nostalgic experience of RuneScape and allow players to relive their memories of the game.

“RuneScape staking created some of the most memorable moments of my life. I’m sure many OGs [original gangsters] will say the same,” Rollbit co-founder Lucky had explained.

In a previous update, Rollbit stated, “The Rollbot Duel Arena… here is where the euphoric emotional rollercoaster will take place. Similar to the 2011-2012 Runescape, players will start with 990 health points and battle it out in a winner-take-all boxing match that will last around 70 seconds. Prepare yourself for trash-talking, full HP comebacks, and turning rags to riches.”

Rollbit’s Duel Arena project comes riding on the news that it registered a hefty $38 million in revenues in September 2023.