Last Updated: October 24, 2023

The upcoming 3D gaming experience where players can freely negotiate stakes draws inspiration from RuneScape.

Rollbit has announced that it’s recreating the RuneScape Duel Arena and will soon launch the world’s first 0% edge 3D Person Vs Person (PvP) game.

“The Rollbot Duel Arena will allow players to negotiate their stakes with each other with no limitations or restrictions through an individual chat,” stated Rollbit co-founder Lucky @Lucky_Rollbit in an X post.

Profit is Not the Motive

In a reply to comments on X, the co-founder explained that generating additional revenue isn’t the motive, which is where the 0% edge is coming from.

“RuneScape staking created some of the most memorable moments of my life. I’m sure many OGs [original gangsters] will say the same,” the Rollbit co-founder explained.

The primary goal is to recreate the nostalgic experience of RuneScape and allow players to relive their fondest memories, they added.

Rollbit has also released a view of what its upcoming Duel Arena will look like.

“The Rollbot Duel Arena… here is where the euphoric emotional rollercoaster will take place. Similar to the 2011-2012 Runescape, players will start with 990 health points and battle it out in a winner-take-all boxing match that will last around 70 seconds. Prepare yourself for trash-talking, full HP comebacks, and turning rags to riches,” the premier crypto casino platform stated in an update.

Robust September Revenue

Earlier this month, Rollbit announced its September revenue was a hefty $38 million. Also, the number of on-chain RLB holders exceeded 10,000 in the same month. The figure surged to 19,600 when holdings were considered.

Rollbit, established in 2020 as a casino platform and expanded to include futures trading in 2021, emphasized its commitment to the buy and burn program, allocating funds from crypto futures, sports betting, and casino games.

As part of this initiative, Rollbit implemented buy and burn of over $5 million in RLB tokens, equivalent to 1.265% of the circulating supply.