Last Updated: December 5, 2021

The primary motive behind game developments in the early days, which were dominated by Nintendo, Sony, Atari, and the likes, was to provide players with an entertaining gaming experience to lure more gamers.

However, throughout the years, the gaming industry had evolved into a multi-billion dollar market with game developers being the primary beneficiary of the revenue. At the same time, players were left with nothing but the entertainment that comes from playing these games.

Thanks to blockchain technology, gamers now have a share in the revenue generated from these games through their engagement with different gaming platforms. These forms of games, popularly referred to as play-to-earn (P2E) games, reward players for their time and effort within the game.

With P2E games becoming increasingly popular, several blockchain gaming companies, including Polker.Game, have emerged, giving gamers a combination of entertaining experiences and a chance to generate revenue for themselves. 

That said, let’s take a look at Polker.Game, an online P2E gaming platform for poker players.

What is Polker.Game?

Polker is a next-gen virtual gaming platform that offers players a chance to play the popular card game poker. You can choose to play the game for fun at absolutely zero cost or by wagering real crypto money to make massive returns. Either way, the Polker platform got you covered.

The platform is gradually gaining traction in the crypto gaming space due to its integration with non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which gives players access to a series of tournaments based on their achievements.

Although the default game offered by Polker is the popular poker game, the team has taken time to develop a unique card game experience in 3D, which is built using Unreal Engine 4.

The platform is dedicated to providing its community with absolute fairness by integrating provably fair features and a True Random Number Generator (TRNG).

Upon completion of special missions and daily quests, players earn various medals that can be used to unlock NFT cards, allowing you to show off your achievements on the platform.

Problems Identified by Polker.Games

Unexciting Table Games

Most developers don’t really spend time designing poker games, and this makes the games end up with poor graphics and UI, which takes away the excitement and fun from it.

However, players are forced to endure the poor graphics during bets, which sometimes affects their performance. Polker believes poker can get more engagement when it has advanced 3D graphics.

Unfair Game Outcome

The gaming industry continues to grow by leaps and bounds, raking in billions of dollars every year. This revenue growth has seen several companies venture into the sector to have a share of the market.

While the entry of new operators comes with several upsides for users in terms of choice and bonuses, the industry is flooded with bad actors, who are only concerned about making gains. As a result, they manipulate the game outcomes in their favor, causing players to always be on the losing side. 

Polker.Game Solution

Advanced Graphics

Polker developers have taken time to design the game with stunning real-time graphics, which makes it more fun. This was made possible through Unreal Engine 4 (UE4), the popular advanced real-time 3D creation tool for photoreal visuals and immersive experiences. UE4 is used to design the dealers, tables, environment, as well as all the visual effects of the poker game, making it attractive for players.

Provably Fair

You don’t need to worry about the authenticity of the game outcome as the Polker team has added a provably fair system to its platform. With this in place, there is no way the platform can influence the game’s outcome because it can be easily verified on the blockchain. Should you have any doubts about the poker result, do well to verify the outcome.

True Random Number Generator (TRNG)

Polker uses the TRNG system to randomly generate numbers whenever the cards are dealt. The process creates a randomized gaming environment, which is also backed by blockchain. The integration of TRNG helps ensure that the outcome of each game will be fair at all times. 


Aside from playing the game just for fun, the Polker platform is designed to enable players to earn money in the form of PKR, the project’s native cryptocurrency, or rare NFTs whenever they play. You can also boost the amount of money you earn by increasing your wager amount.

Available Games on Polker

Polker only offers the famous card game - poker. While many gamers would like the team to add other games, the platform is launched explicitly for poker enthusiasts.

The company’s name is also derived from the word poker, which suggests that the team is poised to develop the platform mainly for the card game.

Although Polker seems to be designed for poker, there is a possibility that the team may choose to rebrand in the near future, in order to support other games.

PKR: Polker’s Native Token

In order to make its play-to-earn vision a reality, Polker launched its native cryptocurrency dubbed the PKR, earlier in 2021. Aside from helping players to boost their income, PKR can be used to purchase various in-game assets, which then can be traded in the form of NFTs.

The token can also be staked on the platform, with stakers entitled to a 33.72% APY, as of writing this line. Currently, 426 addresses have staked a combined 13 million PKR tokens.

Earlier in 2021, Polker announced the public sale of its token on Bull Perks, a decentralized venture capital startup platform, with subsequent sales on BSC Pad and Tron Pad. 

Concluding the public sale, a total of 5,405,351.35 PKR tokens were sold, which saw the firm raise almost $100K on Bull Perks alone.

Per data on CoinMarketCap, PKR has a max supply of one billion tokens and a circulating supply of 57.8 million tokens with a current market capitalization of $12.2 million.

The Polker Team

Polker has put together a strong team headed by Min Yi, the firm’s CEO. Hector Mayorga is the project’s co-founder and Chief of Gaming, while Conor Thacker is the company’s Managing Director. Several professionals with vast knowledge of the betting and crypto space have been added to the team as the firm looks set to take the online crypto gaming industry by storm.

Advisory Board, Significant Investors, and Partners

Polker has seven staff members playing advisory roles in the company: Mitchell Sahn acts as Polker’s Financial Advisor, while David Lorenzo and Aaron Enatsky are the company’s legal advisors. Yasir Iqbal, Artavazd Manukyan, and Mary Elkordy are the project’s blockchain, game engine, and public relations advisors, respectively.

Despite launching its operations fully this year, Polker has partnered with notable blockchain networks and crypto firms such as Polkadot, Chainlink, Polygon, BSCPad, Brondly, TronPad, Pantera, Unreal Engine, and Bull Perks.

Cons and Challenges of Polker

  • At the time of this writing, PKR is not yet listed on popular cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance and Coinbase.
  • The platform only supports one game – Poker.
  • The P2E industry is now hyped, and it will take some time for things to balance after the hype dissipates.


If you love poker, this platform is everything you need. You have the opportunity to play the game in 3D real-time graphics for fun. In addition, you can earn monetary rewards in the form of $PKR and NFTs through your engagement on the platform and also boost your earnings via wagers.

Unlike most online card game platforms, Polker has added provably fair and TRNG systems to ensure the outcome of each poker round is fair and transparent, eliminating every form of manipulation from its end.