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Online gaming and brick and mortar casinos - both types have their pros and cons. But let’s face it – in a digital world, where you could buy anything from a hot dog to a cinema-sized TV set through your mobile phone, we’re not setting foot on Mars if we realize that an online approach is quite the idea.

For the past few years, Casinos and gaming websites have already improved in this environment, and there are plenty of ways to maintain our payments and withdrawals via digital currencies, especially Bitcoin.

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Playing Bitcoin Blackjack Online

As some of the popular gambling games that have survived centuries, Blackjack is here to stay, as being one of the most popular betting experiences in the world. No matter how professional or not players are, the game is leaving a trace in the gambling world, offering everyone a great way to stay in gaming shape.

The game was a branch that split from another one called “Twenty-One”; thus, Blackjack has been around since the 17th century. Rules and specifics are not that much of a pain, neither that hard to understand. That is probably the among the reasons why it is so popular and easy to follow.

Let’s face it – a game is its rules and fundamentals, but it has to be interesting as well. Blackjack could be considered not only as betting but also as quite an entertaining experience. And since there are ways to enter it online and make payments via e-wallets and Bitcoin, it happens to become even more popular for players across the world.

Blackjack Rules And Gameplay

If you have ever played live Blackjack on a table, there’s not much of a difference when you play the online format.

In fact, the lack of distractions might come in handy. A slight difference is that when playing online, a timer might be used to make sure your decisions won’t take too long. This is a standard online blackjack feature because if a player is too slow, that might hold up the whole flow.

Basically, the game is led by a dealer. A table is set with a maximum of 5 to 7 spots. If you want the dealer to yourself - it’s possible to play alone against the dealer.

A basic game has a 52-card deck of cards. The standard digit cards carry a value of 2 - 10, while the so-called face or picture cards—Jack, King, and Queen — each worth 10. Aces can be both 11 or 1.

The main aim of the game is for you to achieve a total card value, higher than the dealer’s. Your goal is to get as close as you can to 21, but without going above it. In case a player is lucky enough to get 21 after drawing their first two cards, then they call it a “Blackjack” and they will get an extended compensation of 1:1.5.

During the game, a player can place a wager in the denomination he/she chooses. Sometimes a table might carry a minimum bet to enter the game.

That means no wager should be under the pre-specified amount. When players are on their positions and have placed their initial bets, the dealer deals cards from left to right so that everyone has two cards in front of them.

The dealer also must have two cards, of which only one is visible, and the second one – the hole card – is placed face down. The rule is that the dealer can show both his cards if the two of them create a blackjack.

When the game starts, every player from left to right should aim to put together a hand that is better than the dealer’s and, of course, less than 21. When it’s your turn to act, you can “hit” – opting to be dealt with another card, or “stand”- you are sure with your cards and believe they are better than the ones the dealer has, or in case the dealer will get ‘burned’ surpassing 21 - “too many.”

The round goes on as each player plays with the dealer (until he stands or is burned out when being dealt a sum over 21), and then it’s the dealer’s turn - the dealer deals cards to himself until reaching 17-21 or getting burned (sum over 21).

Being a player, you may “hit” as many times you would like to, so the total of your cards remains 21 or less. If you might get a hand over 21, you are considered to lose your wager.

How to determine the score of a hand in Blackjack

-          As mentioned above, numbered cards have their numerical value

-          All Face Cards – Jack, Queen, King – are worth 10

-          Aces can be both 11 and 1. That depends on what numbers 11 or 1 would work better for your hand in the game

“Hitting” and “Standing” are the two main options to act in a blackjack game. Besides them, there are, in fact, few additional:

-          Double – that is when a player tends to double their wager, take one more card, and after that card, their hand is finished.

-          Split – if the player is dealt with two cards of equal value, they can choose to split their hand into two separate hands. If you split your hand, then you will have to place a second wager, equal to the first one. Later you will play both your hands individually – as two separated hands. Splitting Aces - usually, you can “hit” only once (only one card besides the Ace).

-          Surrender – it is popular that in some casinos, you can surrender. This way you admit that your two cards do not bring you a perfect hand. Thus, you are opting to leave your hand and lose 50% of your wager while keeping the other 50%.

Blackjack Strategy And Tips

As a casino game, where luck has set its foot, blackjack offers a straightforward and fair experience both in real casinos and online environments. Players don’t rely so much on special skills, like in Poker cash games, for example. Still, there are correct and incorrect moves in blackjack.

Some thumb rules for blackjack recommend the following:

-  Where to sit (or virtually sit) – it may sound a bit funny, but still picking your seat in a game of blackjack is tremendously important, especially the last player to act before the dealer.

-  In case you have got between 12 and 16, take a hit when the dealer’s card is seven or higher, and stand on 5-6.

- Go for a Double in case you have 10-11, and the dealer has 5-6.

-  Stand upon reaching 17 or higher.

Adding to the above, the following is a recommended chart to increase your odds against the dealer that might come in handy.

Bitcoin Blackjack: How to start playing?

When playing online, possibilities for payments are as easy as they can get via e-wallets. Just like in some online roulette and poker casinos and websites, making deposits in an online game of Blackjack could be even more accessible, using Bitcoin.

First, you have to get a BTC account and buy some Bitcoin, so this way you’ll be able to deposit and withdraw any sum you need to. Milli Bitcoin (mBTC), for example, is a 1/1000th of a Bitcoin (0.001 BTC) and the main unit online Bitcoin casinos are using.

Second, you need to create your Bitcoin wallet for online games. Bitcoins can be purchased online, though you should go for a well-regulated and established Bitcoin provider or exchange.

Signing-up for an online game of Blackjack will need some of your personal information, just like in other types of online wagering games. Some online casinos will not require a full KYC; however, it is advisable to check the regulation status of the online Bitcoin casino you intend to play in.

Next, you will need to deposit to your casino’s Bitcoin address, though some casinos offer a variety of initial bonuses for newcomers. This is the address you should send Bitcoin to from your personal Bitcoin wallet. Wait for the necessary amount of confirmation after the deposits, and voila – your purchased coins are transferred in your wallet. You can now enter an online game of Bitcoin blackjack whenever you would like to.

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