Last Updated: August 30, 2021

In a fast-paced environment of online gaming, there is the opportunity to make things even simpler via swift and secure payments. A novel and a new way is using Bitcoin and other digital currencies for payments.

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Online casino games, such as roulette, have been around for a while now, and Bitcoin itself is maturing to be a safe and secure way to send and receive payments in online gaming.

Roulette itself is an experience we tended to enjoy vcenturies ago. Since it has its traditions solidly founded in modern society, roulette is proving to be a well-known classical gambling game with the possibility to be strictly managed, regulated, and safe for players across the world to wager online.

Bitcoin Roulette And Other BTC Games

Playing online is already far more than just entertainment. Worldwide leading casino brands have managed to enter the digital world in a flash-flood manner, and so online roulette became one of the most popular casino games to play online.

Why is it so popular? Like most of the online services, it allows you to stay at home. You do not need a classy suit, or a tone of gas to travel to the nearest casino resort. Gambling is already a changing structure via the digital world.

Rules Roulette And How To Play: EU and US Roullete

Even though well-known and still being at the peak of its popularity, the game of luck still has its fundamentals and obligatory rules.  The basic one is guessing a given number that will fall out.

The player is playing against “the house,” represented by the table’s dealer. He or she has to pick a single number out of 37 (European style) or 38 (American style) numbers, shaped into colored pockets on a table wheel. The grand guess is to wager where the ball will end up.

Players can bet on multiple numbers, which are usually referred to as strategies.

A variety of bets could be placed during the physical and online games as well. Since you are playing while relying on your luck, the wheel has the last word. There are some differences in the so-called European and American games.

As we mentioned above, the roulette wheel has some differences – the American type offers numbered pockets from 1 to 36, plus a 0 (zero) and 00  (double zero) pockets as well. The European one consists of numbered pockets 1-36 and an additional 0 (zero) pocket. Online casinos are more likely to offer the American type of roulette wheel.

Payouts In Roulette And Online Bitcoin Roulette

Getting to know how payouts work is among the most important things while playing roulette and online roulette. It knows how much profit a particular bet might bring you. That’s how a game should be planned and the possible earnings out of it.


Every player’s dream is hitting the first number he wagers on. But still, there are few types of bets you should consider. The first kind is when you bet on where the ball will end up (in which numbered pocket). If the player guesses the pocket number where the ball will end up, the player will get a payout of 35:1 (Single number bet).

A player might also place a split bet on 2 numbers where he or she pays out at 17:1. Another option would be to place on 3 (a street) - payout at 11:1. Place on 4 (a corner) - at 8:1 payout, on 5 - at 6:1 payout, and six lines - at 5:1 payout.

Besides, a wager on the first (1-12), second (13-24), or third (25-36) set of twelve pays out at 2:1. A small number of wagers might bring the player a payout at 1:1. These bets include the first (1-18) or second (19-36) set of 18 numbers on the roulette wheel. The wager is where the ball will end up on an even or odd number, plus the color of the pocket the ball might stop (black or red).

Here’s a simplified glimpse of the basic betting combinations:

-          Red/ black/ odd/ even/ 1-18/ 19-36 pays 1 to 1 (EU), or 47.4% (American Roulette)

-          1-12/ 13-24/ 25-36 pays 2 to 1 (EU), or 47.4% (American Roulette)

-          Line of six numbers pays 5 to 1 (EU), or 47.4% (American Roulette)

-          First five numbers pay 6 to 1 (EU), or 47.4% (American Roulette)

-          Corner bet pays 8 to 1 (EU), or 47.4% (American Roulette)

-          Street of three numbers pays 11 to 1 (EU), or 47.4% (American Roulette)

-          Betting on two neighboring numbers (split) pays 17 to 1 (EU), or 47.4% (American Roulette)

-          Single number bets pay 35 to 1 (EU), or 47.4% (American Roulette)

Even though the variety of betting types on roulette, players have considered that wagering on an even/odd number or a “color bet” is a bit conservative but favorable strategy, but in the end, the choice is yours. Although luck is the “master” in that game, there are some players/users who often use several strategies.

Roulette Rules + Winning Strategies

Many might say there is no such thing as a winning strategy in roulette. Still, there are plenty who base their wagers on different tactics, which allegedly help. Many websites for online roulette have additional categories for winning tricks, highlighting winning possibilities.

One of the most common strategies is called the Martingale system. It makes one believe that if a player doubles down every losing bet, he will come out with a profit in the long term of the game.

Playing Online Roulette Using Bitcoin And Other Crypto Assets

You might think that online casinos are here for a while now, and there is nothing to improve. But still, such an online gaming environment is starting to change as some offer Bitcoin payments and withdrawals. It is quite convenient for users, looking for some rest from dealing with financial institutions and constant movement of the value of fiat currencies.

A recent and accelerating method to play online roulette is using digital currencies and especially Bitcoin. Even if you are not genuinely familiar with Bitcoin, there are quite easy steps to get to know the essence to play roulette online.

First of all, you should get a BTC account and buy some Bitcoin, so this way, you’ll be able to deposit and withdraw any sum you want to. The idea is that all processes should be smooth sailing. Milli Bitcoin (mBTC), for example, is a 1/1000th of a Bitcoin (0.001 BTC) and is the primary unit that online Bitcoin casinos are using since a whole Bitcoin is now worth a lot higher than an average bet.

You will need to have a Bitcoin wallet, and if you plan to wager with small amounts, an online one will be enough. The variety of online exchanges where you could buy your Bitcoins are plenty but be sure you choose a regulated and well-established brand, though.

The second step is the essential one, where you register at a Bitcoin casino. Of course, while signing up, some personal information will be required. You should make a deposit (some casinos give an initial bonus for first timers).

Then you will get your dedicated Bitcoin address, which is a combination of letters and digits - the address you should send Bitcoin to from your personal Bitcoin wallet.

After you successfully deposit (and wait for some time for the blockchain confirmations), you are ready to go, and your coins are transferred immediately for you to get on any online Bitcoin roulette games. The process is remarkably similar to playing online games with an e-wallet and simplified as possible.