Last Updated: May 17, 2022

Since the creation of Bitcoin in 2009, thousands of more cryptocurrencies have been launched. All of them aim to display features that are lacking in the traditional financial system.

One of the most enthusiastic adopters of Bitcoin and other crypto coins has been the online casino industry. Gambling with crypto allows players to avoid traditional fiat payment options while playing their favorite games.



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You can use BTC to wager on a host of online games ranging from casino games to sports and esports. In this article, we’ll be focusing on Bitcoin dice games. We’ll discuss the top online casinos for playing dice with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the various types of Bitcoin dice games you can find, how to get started playing and FAQs.


Best Bitcoin Casinos to Play Dice

The Bitcoin gambling market is highly competitive and casinos are using different techniques like offering quality games, provably fair technology, and mouthwatering bonuses to attract new users while retaining existing ones. 


Cloudbet is one of the oldest regulated cryptocurrency betting websites for those looking to roll the dice. The casino supports a couple of dice games, including the popular Craps Live and First Person Crabs, accessible from the table section on the website. Cloudbet users can also play slot dice-themed games like Diner of Fortune, Fire vs. Ice, and Jolly Dicers, to mention a few. 

The platform has been in the gambling business for the last eight years, but it supports four cryptocurrencies - Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Tether. Players who want to play dice with coins like Dogecoin and Litecoin can consider the other top crypto casinos listed below. 



As an innovative Bitcoin dice casino, 1xBit provides anonymous betting opportunities for players looking to hide their identity while taking their chance rolling the dice. The platform accepts more than 20 cryptocurrencies, making it the perfect choice for anyone who wishes to explore all their options in their betting adventure. 

1xbit players have a wide range of dice games to choose from and they can play each game for free before betting with real money. 


FortuneJack is one of the best bitcoin casinos for dice lovers. Although the platform has a dedicated section where users can access its main dice game, it supports other dice-themed games in the slot sections. 

FortuneJack is regulated in Curacao and it accepts eight other cryptocurrencies aside from Bitcoin. Players can wager with Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum,  Zcash, TRON, Dash, and Monero.


As an award-winning casino, the Bitstarz platform allows players to take their chance on becoming wealthy through the roll of the dice using bitcoin and five other coins. 

One of the biggest dice games on Bitstarz is the popular Rocket Dice. Other games in this category include Dice and Roll, Nicer Dice 100, Scratch Dice, Lightning Dice, etc.

How to Choose a Good Bitcoin Dice Site

The importance of playing Bitcoin dice through a reliable casino cannot be overemphasized.  Aside from the quality of the games themselves, the safety of your funds and personal information is heavily dependent on the platform you choose. You’ll also likely want to know that the game’s outcome cannot be manipulated at any time by the casino and not all of them can offer these assurances.

The proliferation of Bitcoin dice websites and online casinos that we’re currently seeing is undoubtedly a blessing for players. The downside, however, is that it has created a problem of choice. Learning how to pick a reliable Bitcoin dice site is a skill of its own. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of some of the factors to consider when choosing a casino for your crypto gaming adventures. Here it is:

Accepted cryptocurrencies

Even though Bitcoin (BTC) is the favoured cryptocurrency of most players, the dice site or casino you choose should preferably support other cryptocurrencies as well. After all, more options are never a bad thing. Coins such as Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and Dogecoin (DOGE) are all less volatile alternatives than BTC for storing your funds.

Game selection

The volume and quality of supported games on a particular platform should be taken into consideration. Check if the casino offers different types of dice games and other offerings, which will enable you to switch between them or mix and match as you like. Most of the top Bitcoin dice casinos support up to five different dice games, including the most popular ones like Craps, Sic Bo, Scratch dice, etc.


We advise taking any online casinos’ claims about their own reputation or that of their competitors with a pinch of salt. Ideally, you should conduct your own due diligence to find out the facts for yourself.

Find out what existing users are saying on various online forums before choosing a platform. To do this, simply search the casino’s name along with the word “review”. This will typically provide you with several third-party reviews results, allowing you to quickly identify whether the bookie you’re considering is indeed a reputable provider. Better yet, check out in-depth reviews for the most popular Bitcoin & crypto casinos.

Provably Fair Games

This feature makes it possible for you to verify the authenticity of the dice game’s outcome using the blockchain. Since Bitcoin dice games are played online, it’s relatively simple for the bookie to digitally “load” the dice.

Fortunately, the blockchain makes it even easier to verify the fairness of results should the casino choose to employ this function. Best of all, it’s impossible to cheat this system. Our advice is to always try to play with casinos that offer provably fair games.

Fast deposits

The deposit process should be simple and fast in order to avoid unnecessary delays and wasted time. If a casino supports deposits from an external wallet, it should confirm them as soon as it receives two confirmations on the blockchain, in the case of Bitcoin.

Instant withdrawals

We suggest always reading through a casino’s terms and conditions in order to find out how long it will take before your withdrawals are processed. Withdrawals that take longer than 48 hours for crypto-related payments could be a red flag.

Low house edge

“House edge” refers to the advantage that a casino has over its players (this is how they make their money and the source of the saying “the house always wins”). Ensure that your chosen casino’s house edge is no more than 2%.

History of Bitcoin dice

Dice games were some of the earliest forms of gambling and online dice games have also been in existence since long before the inception of cryptocurrencies. One of the first Bitcoin casinos, Satoshi Dice (named after the mysterious creator of Bitcoin), developed a platform that allowed players to play dice games with Bitcoin.

In the early days, players were required to send the amount of BTC they wanted to stake and tell the casino what they believed would be the game’s outcome, making the casino the facilitator of the bet and not much else. 

If a player won, the prize would be sent to their wallet address. As you might imagine, this format led to a lack of trust between the casino and its punters. This led to the birth of other Bitcoin casinos offering dice games in formats more similar to what we see today. The rest, as they say, is history.  

The Difference between Bitcoin & Traditional Dice Games

Most dice games are either played in a brick and mortar casino, some informal setting such as a street corner or basement, or online using fiat currency.

Bitcoin dice games, on the other hand, are played exclusively online using BTC or another cryptocurrency. The advent of blockchain technology has also helped the game evolve. As discussed earlier in this article, players now have the opportunity to not just bet in crypto and play online, but also to verify the outcome of the game through the blockchain’s provably fair mechanism. This is a total game-changer as “loaded” dice are all too common in both the physical and digital worlds.

Bitcoin Dice Pros and Cons


Provably fair options

As already mentioned, Bitcoin casinos using blockchain technology can offer provably fair integration to dice games, making it impossible for the outcome of the game to be manipulated.

Set your own betting parameters

With Bitcoin dice games, you’re given all the necessary tools to set the game’s parameters according to your preferences, which in turn gives you a better opportunity to increase your chances of winning or minimize losses.

Typically no minimum or maximum stakes

Just about anyone can play Bitcoin dice games within their desired budget, as most casinos do not set minimum and maximum stakes for dice games.

Fast payouts

Once it is clear that you’ve won a round of betting, the casino pays out your winnings either instantly or within a few minutes to enable you to move on to your next betting adventure.

Deposits and withdrawals are near-instant

With cryptocurrencies used as the underlying payment method, you can nearly instantly deposit and withdraw your funds. Although deposits are slightly faster, casino providers have tried to facilitate a faster withdrawal process. Both are substantially quicker than fiat transactions.

Gamble with no KYC

Most Bitcoin dice platforms and crypto casinos keep the identity of their clients discreet by not requesting excessive amounts of personal information upon signup. In some cases, you can create an account with nothing but an email address and password. This high level of privacy is highly attractive to many players.

Low house edge

The house edge attached to Bitcoin dice games is usually lower than traditional dice games or fiat platforms, with many bookies going as low as 1%.


Not as interactive as other casino games

With no graphics other than the movement of the dice and very few sounds, dice games may be boring if you’re used to different types of casino games that employ more captivating graphics and audio.

Some dice game interfaces look a bit dull

It sometimes seems as if most game software developers have long abandoned the development of dice games. For example, Baccarat, Poker and Slots interfaces are a lot more interactive and modern and pleasant to interact with.

What is a Bitcoin dice faucet?

The Bitcoin dice faucet is a feature that certain crypto casinos use to reward players for completing tasks or milestones. The rewards usually come in the form of BTC, other crypto coins or free rounds of dice.

Best Bitcoin dice betting strategies

To raise your chances of winning while playing a Bitcoin dice game, you’ll want to employ a strategy that will guide your style of play. Below we’ve highlighted a few of the most popular and effective strategies that can help you to boost your winnings.

Paroli System

This strategy is a positive progression system that takes place over a series of three bets. It resets after the third bet irrespective of your outcomes.

The idea is to double your bet size when you win and only stop doubling after three consecutive wins. However, if you lose, your stake should remain constant.


Here, the strategy is a direct opposite of the Paroli System. Martingale is deployed in games with a 50/50 chance of winning.

This system requires you to maintain your initial stake when you win and double it when you lose in order to recoup previous losses.

The D’Alembert

The D’Alembert is a combination of the Paroli and Martingale betting strategies. It requires that you only increase your bet size by your initial betting unit whenever you lose and decrease your stake by a unit of your base betting amount whenever you win.

Inverse Martingale

This style of play is the direct opposite of the original Martingale system. To use it, you should double your bet size when you’re on a winning streak and maintain your base bet size whenever you lose.

Doing this will allow you to keep a hold of half of your winnings from previous rolls.

1-3-2-6 Strategy

With this system, you constantly increase your stake using a set increment (1-3-2-6) whenever you’re on a winning streak. As the strategy name shows, you begin with a 1x bet size for the first hand and triple your base bet amount for the second hand if you win the first.

If you’re still in luck, the next round should be 2x your initial bet, with the fourth being 6x that. After completing the entire system, you should reset your bet then simply repeat the process as many times as you can.

6 & 8 Strategy

This strategy is a negative progression plan that requires you to increase your stake whenever you lose. In this system you focus on two wagers - six and eight - and win when your chosen number is played before a seven.

If the number plays before a seven, you win and do not increase your stake in the next hand. However, if a seven is obtained before a six or eight you lose and should increase your stake in the next round.

Pass Line & Come

The Pass Line numbers are 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10. Using this system, you win when any of the numbers are rolled before 7. Once a point is established by rolling any of the stated numbers before a seven, the Come strategy requires you to roll the number again before another 7 comes up.

Don’t Pass – Don’t Come

This is a “safe” strategy that can help you to boost your winnings. The “Don’t Pass” bet is first made in order to establish a point number, which is subsequently followed by the player doubling the odds against the point.

The next move is to make a “Don’t Come” bet in order to generate the “Don’t Come” number. Again, the player would have to double the odds for the point number and then stop betting.

James Bond

Unlike the James Bond 007 movie series, the dice strategy is quite straightforward. It simply requires you to always stake more on higher numbers. For instance, if you choose to wager $200, $140 will be used to bet on high numbers between 19 and 36.

This would then be followed by a subsequent bet of $50 on six numbers from 13 to 18. The remaining $10 can be wagered on number 0, which acts as a form of insurance.

Which Bitcoin dice betting strategy should I use?

The best strategy for you depends on your limits and objectives. Lower risk strategies generally offer lower winnings and vice versa. Your strategy will be determined by what type of player you are and your betting budget.

Why do Bitcoin dice progressive strategies sometimes fail?

All Bitcoin dice progressive strategies were developed to help you to retain your winnings in the most effective ways possible. While these strategies work for most players most of the time, there are no sure things in gambling (except for bookies, or they wouldn’t exist). Some reasons they fail are:

Previous throws don’t affect the future

Dice games don’t really require any form of expertise since their outcomes are randomly generated by the roll of the dice. Regardless of the number of times, a particular outcome is recorded, it is difficult to predict the result of subsequent rolls.

There are no hot or cold numbers in dice

In gambling, hot numbers are considered as those that frequently come up during games, while cold numbers are those that seem to appear less often.

Since dice is a game of luck that is determined by randomly generated numbers, it’s impossible for a number to actually be hot or cold as each one always has an equal chance of occurring. 

What is the house edge in Bitcoin dice games?

The house edge is an advantage that the casino has over players that sees it deduct a preset percentage from their bets.

No matter the result, you’re contributing to the casino’s profit margins. It is important that you know before signing up what percentage the house edge is on your chosen casino.

What types of Bitcoin dice games are there?


Craps game requires players to bet on the outcome of a pair of dice.

The rolled dice then bounces around the Craps table with the result of the two upturned numbers when they stop determining what happens next. Each round usually ends when there is a roll of 7 or 11, which is considered a winning roll. The shooter who made the previous roll also makes the next.

If the roll result produces an outcome of 2, 3, or 12, the round will also end, but the players who bet on the shooter forfeit their turns.

Sic Bo

Sic Bo is an ancient Chinese game that is regarded as a game of luck. It is played with three dice on what could be described as a rather complex-looking board.

Despite the Sic Bos board’s complexity, the game’s rules are relatively simple. Before the dice are thrown you can wager on the result of a single die, the total of the three dice or two similar numbers.


Scratch is considered one of the oldest in this genre. However, it has never really become as popular as other dice games.

It’s played by two or three players who use six dice - 4 regular six-sided dice and two sets with different colors. The game board comprises 36 squares that are organized six-by-six.

Live Bitcoin dice games

Live Bitcoin dice is played in real-time, giving you the feeling of playing the game in a live casino from the comfort of your home or whichever location you prefer. There is a live dealer who rolls the dice. Live Bitcoin dice games typically use realistic characters and 3D graphics to mimic a real-life game, making them more interesting than the average online dice games.

Free Bitcoin dice games

Free games are sometimes offered by the casino as a form of reward for your previous exploits on the platform or as an incentive when signing up or replenishing your balance.

Each casino has its own set of rules that determine when you are allowed to cash out your winnings or become eligible for a bonus.


The origins of this game can be traced to the frontier lands of the USA. Klondike is played with five six-sided dice, with players required to roll a set of combinations before they can win a round. You can bet that all four or five dice will display the same number, which is known as four-of-a-kind or five-of-a-kind, respectively. 


Hazard is an old English game that dates back to the 14th century. The game is sometimes offered as a substitute for Craps.

Unlike Craps, Hazard does not require a special board. As long as there is a pair of dice, Hazard can be played on any surface.

The shooter usually specifies a number between five and nine, which is considered the Main. If the outcome falls on any of the selected numbers, the player wins.

High-Low (AKA Hi/Low)

This dice variant is one of the easiest to play as its rules are very simple. It requires only a pair of dice to play and players wager on whether the outcome will be high or low. The result is considered high when it is 8, 9, 10, 11, or 12, while the outcome is considered low when the dice result is 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7.

Dice Bonus

Many Bitcoin dice platforms offer mouthwatering bonuses to make the game more fun and keep you hooked. There are various kinds of dice bonuses offered by different casinos.

Below we’ve covered some of the most popular types of bonuses on offer:

Deposit Bonuses

Many casinos offer deposit bonuses of up to 200% of your outlay. Others offer bonuses such as free spins or free games. If a Bitcoin casino doesn’t offer any form of deposit bonus, you might want to look elsewhere.

Signup Bonuses

Most Bitcoin dice platforms dangle the juicy carrot of signup bonuses to new players. Once again, if the casino you’re looking at doesn’t offer such a bonus you may want to keep on searching.

Dice Faucets

Casinos often reward players with free dice sessions for completing tasks or milestones on the platform. This could be something like inviting family and friends to sign up at the casino using a unique referral link or depositing a certain amount within a set timeframe.

Most popular cryptocurrencies accepted by Bitcoin dice casinos

Many cryptocurrency casinos have added several currency options that can be used to deposit and withdraw your funds for dice games and others. Some of the most popular include:

Bitcoin (BTC)

Since its launch in 2009, Bitcoin has become a favorite cryptocurrency for online betting because of its widespread adoption and popularity.

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum is the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. This leading altcoin has also become one of the most widely accepted coins on dice platforms due to increased demand among crypto enthusiasts.

Tron (TRX)

Launched by Justin Sun, Tron’s popularity among online players cannot be ignored. This digital currency has a solid community built around it. They have really thrown their collective weight behind the project since its launch, prompting dice websites to add the coin to their list of supported cryptocurrencies.

Fun (FUN)

The Fun token was developed on the Ethereum blockchain specifically for online gambling and the gaming industry at large.

How to Get Started Playing Bitcoin Dice

Purchase and store some crypto

Before purchasing your chosen cryptocurrency from an exchange or through your favorite casino you’ll need to decide where you’re going to store it. You will need to choose between using a cold or hot wallet.

While all available methods are developed to provide secure storage for your Bitcoin, a cold wallet offers the highest degree of security as your coins and private keys are stored offline on a physical device - out of the reach of hackers.

Set up your Bitcoin wallet

Most e-wallet providers will guide you through the process of setting up your wallet.

We also suggest that you enable Google two-factor authentication (2FA) when setting up your wallet and take careful note of your recovery phrases.

Create a public wallet address

Click the “Create new address” (or similar) button in order to get your unique public Bitcoin address. This is the address you will use to receive funds and, hopefully, all your winnings.

Purchase tokens or coins

Whether you choose to use Bitcoin or some other cryptocurrency as your default payment method, you’ll need to purchase the coins from a reputable crypto exchange or peer-to-peer (P2P) platform.

For maximum security, after purchasing your coins, we suggest that you store them in your newly created Bitcoin wallet rather than in your casino account.

Bitcoin casino registration

After selecting a casino, you’ll need to create an account on the platform. The process is usually quite simple, even for first-timers and troglodytes. Many casinos only require you to provide an email address and create a password in order to register.

Regardless of what is required, do be sure to complete the registration process thoroughly and honestly if you want to avoid any future problems with regulators or the casino itself.

Fund your account

First, choose your preferred currency. Next, copy the casino’s wallet address (it will be provided) and then head back to your personal e-wallet to make the deposit. We suggest always copying and pasting the address rather than typing it to avoid errors. Be sure to double and triple-check it, as you will lose all the funds you transfer if you send them to the wrong address.

Choose Your Starting Number

This is the main business of the game. You get to choose a number on the dice, which gives you a point whenever the number is rolled.

You may also be given a chance to roll again whenever your number comes up. However, if your number is not rolled, your turn is usually over.

Assess the odds

Try to ensure that the game odds are in your favor before playing. If the odds seem to be stacked heavily against you, do not play right away. Wait for a window of opportunity to open and then jump in!

Select your stake

Once you have chosen a number and are convinced about the odds, you enter the amount you want to stake. Most casinos accept stakes in Millibitcoin (mBTC), represented by 0.0001 BTC or similar value for other cryptocurrencies. Of course, the higher your stake the more you stand to win or lose.

Roll the dice

The fun part has finally arrived! Once you’re all set, simply click the button that enables you to roll the dice and wait to see what happens.

How to withdraw your winnings

If playing is the fun part, this is the happy part. When playing with crypto you’ll most likely get paid out in the same coin or token you used to fund your account. All you have to do is supply your external wallet address to the casino on the “Withdrawal” page and your transaction will be processed. Once again, double and triple-check that address!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Bitcoin dice

Here is a list of the most commonly asked questions and answers about Bitcoin dice.

Can You Gamble with Bitcoin?

In case you skipped the rest of the article, yes you can. Several online casinos have now integrated Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies into their platforms.

Is Bitcoin safe to use for playing dice and for online gambling?

Bitcoin is not entirely safe to use; however, neither is any other form of currency. Besides the possibility of online hacks, BTC carries a significant amount of risk due to its tendency to fluctuate dramatically in price. While these price swings can sometimes be in your favor, we advise only purchasing BTC in amounts you can afford to lose. If you’re looking for a more stable option there are plenty of other less volatile cryptocurrencies.

What is a crypto casino?

A crypto casino is an online betting platform that allows players to wager on their favorite games with various cryptocurrencies. The casino provides support for crypto payments, including deposits and withdrawals.

What is the best Bitcoin dice strategy?

As mentioned above, there is no one “best” Bitcoin dice strategy and certainly, none that offer guaranteed winnings. You should identify what strategy that works best for you from the list we provided earlier in the article.

What is the minimum bet I can make on Bitcoin dice?

The minimum bet you can make on Bitcoin dice mostly depends on the casino you’re using. While the lowest bet a player can make on some casinos could be an almost insignificant amount, others may demand a slightly higher minimum bet.

What Bitcoin dice games are available?

At the time of writing, there are more than ten types of Bitcoin dice games available on different crypto casinos. Before opting for any of them be sure to check the rules as not all games work the same.

Which Bitcoin dice game is best?

This is a very personal choice. Some people prefer simple or traditional dice games while others may prefer the experience of live games. Check out the above section on Bitcoin dice games to learn more about the types of games on offer before making a decision.

Can I use a bankroll management strategy?

Yes, bankroll management strategies are applicable to Bitcoin dice games and can help you to limit your losses and increase your chances of winning.

Which strategies can I use for Bitcoin dice games?

There are several dice playing strategies you can use to increase your winnings. You can read more about each of them in our above section on this topic.

What are the advantages of playing Bitcoin dice?

There are several advantages to playing Bitcoin dice as opposed to brick-and-mortar or online fiat options. You’ll find more information on this topic at the beginning of this article.

What are the disadvantages of Bitcoin dice games?

Like every other Bitcoin casino game and gambling in general, there are a number of things to be aware of. The major issue with Bitcoin dice is that it can be rather dull, especially if you’re used to other more exciting or visually appealing casino games.

Is Bitcoin dice fair?

With the aid of the provably fair feature, you can be sure of getting a fair result whenever you roll the dice as the casino is fully aware that you could easily verify the outcome on the blockchain. Try to choose casinos that offer provably fair games whenever possible.

Are Bitcoin dice sites safe?

Most Bitcoin casinos deploy several advanced security measures to keep their platforms free from hackers and other bad actors. Try to select casinos that are known for taking security seriously. We also suggest that you use Google’s Two Factor Authentication (2FA) to ensure the safety of your funds.

How do I choose a Bitcoin dice platform?

You can choose a Bitcoin dice platform based on the criteria stated earlier in this guide. Be sure to do your due diligence about the casino’s reputation, selection of cryptocurrencies and the integration of provably fair games among other things.

Do I have to claim a Bitcoin dice bonus when signing up?

It’s not mandatory that you claim a bonus upon signing up. However, it is advisable that you read through your chosen casino’s rules to find out what their terms and conditions state about bonuses.


In this article, we covered everything you need to know about playing Bitcoin dice. This particular form of gambling has proven to be resilient and adaptable since its inception centuries ago and is now available to crypto enthusiasts worldwide. Dice games don’t require any technical skills or know-how, although there are betting strategies you can use to minimize risk and maximize winnings. As with any other form of gambling, you shouldn’t wager anything you can’t afford to use. Have fun and good luck out there!