Last Updated: April 8, 2024

Leading crypto betting platform Rollbit has announced significant changes to its Provably Fair (PF) system, which promises to ensure fairness and transparency for players. The move comes in response to players’ concerns regarding the clarity and reliability of existing PF systems, according to a statement from Rollbit.

Rollbit’s new PF system, based on Verifiable Random Function (VRF) technology, will be implemented for some of its most popular games, including Mines, Plinko, X-Flip, Rollbot Bonanza, and NFT Lootboxes.

Implementing the enhanced PF system is part of Rollbit’s broader growth plans, which focus on leveraging innovative technology to support its platform and enhance the gaming experience for its users.

Enhanced VRF System

Rollbit’s upgraded VRF system boasts a range of security and fairness advancements. Most importantly, it protects the server seed, which prevents tampering and enhances randomness. Players can also verify outcomes instantly, which goes on to foster trust.

Additionally, the system guarantees manipulation-proof seeds for fair gameplay and deterministic outcomes for a predictable user experience. This improves the overall experience and allows Rollbit to gain certification in new markets.

Rollbit hopes its proactive approach will inspire other gaming operators to improve their PF systems, setting a new standard for fairness and integrity in online gaming.

Streak of Wins

On a different note, recently, a lucky player at Rollbit Mines registered an incredible streak of wins, totaling $2.47 million in just four minutes. The player, whose identity remains undisclosed, achieved three massive wins, each earning them $823,576.92.

These wins occurred within a remarkably short timeframe, with the first win taking only 26 seconds. The player’s aggressive gameplay led to successive wins, culminating in a life-changing multiplier of 164.72x in each game. This impressive feat has solidified the player’s status among Rollbit legends.