Last Updated: March 27, 2024

Popular crypto casino Rollbit reported on March 21 a record-breaking spree of massive wins on Mines, a classic game, by a player who took home a jaw-dropping $2,470,730.76. The unnamed player secured three huge wins within just four minutes.

The impressive streak of wins began briskly, with their first win coming in at a mere 26 seconds. The player wagered a $5,000 bet and managed to rake in a staggering $823,576.92 on each of the three occasions, earning a cool $2,470,730.76 in less than four minutes. They received a life-changing multiplier of 164.72x in each game.

The second win arrived within a minute of the first, showcasing the player’s continued aggressive gameplay. Finally, the third win capped off the remarkable four-minute window, gaining the player a place among Rollbit legends.

A Rollbit Original Mines

A Rollbit Original version of Mines was launched on March 17. In a post on X, Rollbit described the game as a high-stakes gamble where players strategically uncover squares, aiming to find a hidden gem and avoid an explosive surprise. With the promise of winning up to a life-changing $1 million, Mines is sure to entice thrill-seeking crypto gamblers.

Mines is a popular casino game in which players strategically uncover tiles on a grid. Players aim to avoid hidden mines while revealing safe tiles to accumulate rewards. The game’s risk-and-reward nature makes it a favorite among crypto gamblers seeking high payouts.

Weekly Revenue at $14.89 Million

Meanwhile, Rollbit has released revenue data for the last seven days simultaneously with the data for the 32nd week of its buy-and-burn program. In the past week, the platform made a total of $14,897,517.57 from casino games ($7,952,927.08), crypto futures ($1,719,254.81), and sports betting ($5,225,335.68).

During the 7-day period, Rollbit bought and burned 19,323,784 RLB tokens worth $2,120,522.68. At the end of the 32nd week, the total number of RLB tokens burned was 2,163,925,108, which constitutes 43.28% of the original supply of 5 billion tokens.