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Indian poker is a variation revealing the cards in the play to a player other than his cards. Every player will place the card on the forehead without checking it and then use the given data to create strategies to reverse bluff other players.

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What are the Basics of Indian Poker?

Just as the other variations of Poker, this Indian variation is a game of strategy, ambiguity, and bluff. But this variation is nothing like what you used to play. This is because each player can see but you. So, your strategy will depend on your opponent’s cards. 

The variation is more complicated than the other variations of poker. In Indian poker, it is a case of data quality vs. quantity. Hence, if you have more data to work with, you have a better chance to win. However, that doesn’t make it easier to play. 

Even if you know all the cards apart from yours, knowing your odds about having the required card is impossible. Thus, it becomes more challenging to come up with a strategy. So, there is one variable available to you, which you will use for bluffing them. 

In a regular poker game, you need to calculate your hand’s strength without knowing the cards of your opponent. But in the Indian version of poker, you have to calculate your odds to beat the opponent’s card without knowing your hand. In case community cards are being played, the game will be more complicated. 

Sure, it is possible to monetize the game, but people prefer playing it as a drinking game. The game is more ambiguous than the other poker variations. So, it can be difficult to come up with a strategy to play it. 

Bluffing improves your chances in Indian poker, but luck remains a crucial factor. It can be played for entertainment and fun.

Things You Need to Play Indian Poker

Indian Poker is hardly played with chips or money. The most common variation involves a deck of cards and also a shot glass. In case you have both, you are ready to play this variation of poker. The game is now so famous that the poker site witnessed a jump of 60% in daily players in April 2020.

Players like playing this game due to its versatility. The game doesn’t have any specific rules, and you can alter any aspect of the game as per your liking. Thus, the only rule is all cards will be visible to you except the one you are holding. 

The game’s versatility is a reason there are different variations of Indian Poker. Its bets, rules, and card usage might vary. However, the basic idea behind the game is the same. 

Apart from the card and glass, you are going to need 2-7 players. It is played best with three players. Nevertheless, you will find various other versions of the game where the player gets two cards, and community cards are used. Thus, having two players can also play the game. The more people play the game, the more interesting it is. But more players can also make it more difficult to come up with a strategy. 

Objectives of the Game

The game’s objective is to have the highest card in play. As no money is involved in the game, the players can fold the game any time they want if they feel their cards are not strong. 

As far as the core rules are the same, you can adjust the remaining game as you see fit.

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