Last Updated: April 3, 2024

Leading crypto betting platforms and Rollbit reported some spectacular wins over the past week. 

On, the most impressive win was in sports. A savvy bettor who correctly predicted a six-fold Euro Qualifier multi saw their $14,860.56 wager, with odds of 52.04, resulting in a staggering $773,315.45 payout.

Another exciting win came from the cricketing world, where the Indian Premier League (IPL) is underway. A bettor turned an INR 1,000 wager on the IPL into a cool INR 25,016.65, with odds of 25.02.

Playing on the Chaos Crew 2 slot, an unnamed player registered a $430,876.65 win on Chaos Crew 2. Their $21.54 bet landed a mind-boggling 20,000x multiplier.

Plinko also proved its luck-making potential this week. A player won a sweet $100,000 payout after a 1,000x multiplier on a $100 bet.

In the previous weeks in March, witnessed a series of significant wins, including an $11.8 million payout. Noteworthy victories include a $11,888,566.73 win from a $162,001.94 bet on Zeus vs Hades: Gods of War, a $2,001,602.44 win from a $2,001.60 bet on Plinko, and a $1,531,993.39 win from a $699.86 bet on The Dog Mansion Megaways Enhanced RTP slot.

Rollbit Big Wins

On Rollbit, the biggest win was on Mines by a player who prefers to go incognito, who took home a massive $922,707.69 on a bet of $5,000 and a multiplier of 184.54.

Among other notable wins on Rollbit was a $14,188.17, which came off a tiny bet of $0.60 on Sugar Rush 1000. This massive ROI was possible thanks to a staggering 23,646.95 multiplier.

In the NFT Lootbox, a player picked one up for just $29.75 and hit a 974.79 multiplier to score a total win of $29,000.00. Not only did they win the hefty sum, but the NFT also came with a $26 free bet and $6,021 in profit share waiting to be claimed!

In the previous weeks in March, Rollbit witnessed a series of remarkable wins totaling over $2 million. Notable victories include a $157,500 payout from a $15 bet on Gates of Olympus, a staggering $1,361,940 win from a $500 bet on Hot Fiesta, and a $1,063,200 win from a $1,000 bet on The Dog House Megaways.