Last Updated: March 14, 2024

Among the highlights, a $ 15 bet on Gates of Olympus 1000 lands the player a massive $157,500. 

Crypto casino Rollbit reported a series of colossal wins, with two notching up a million plus dollars.

The biggest win so far belongs to player Ezikbor, who struck gold on the ever-popular Hot Fiesta slot. With a daring $500 bet, Ezikbor managed to land a life-changing multiplier of 2,723.88, resulting in a staggering payout of $1,361,940. This impressive feat occurred on March 7, setting the tone for a month of remarkable wins on Rollbit.

Just days later, on March 10, player StakeStinks took a bite out of The Dog House Megaways with a mighty $1,063,200 win. Their strategy? A bold $1,000 bet secured a multiplier of 1,063.20, proving that sometimes, high risk can lead to high reward.

The most recent big win comes from player beto.eth, who ascended the heights of Gates of Olympus 1000 on March 12. With a seemingly modest $15 wager, beto.eth defied the odds and landed a colossal multiplier of 10,500. This divine intervention resulted in a heavenly payout of $157,500.

Weekly Revenue at $ 17 Million

The 7-day casino revenue for the week was $8,664,167.17, sports betting revenue was $4,949,924.62, and crypto futures revenue was $3,408,774.05, taking the total for the week to $17,022,865.84 ($17.02 million). The number of RLB tokens burnt during the seven days was 19,358,513, worth $2,591,130.48.

At the end of the 30th week of the buy-and-burn program, the number of RLB tokens burned so far was 2.126 billion, or 42.53% of the original RLB supply.

RLB Down 16% on 7-Day Period

The price of RLB has declined 15.98% over the past week, currently sitting at $0.1188. One reason RLB coins are trading lower could be the ongoing boom in the overall cryptocurrency market, which may lead investors to take profits. After solid gains, some investors may choose to sell to lock in profits and potentially invest in other coins they believe have room for further growth.