Last Updated: October 26, 2023

The crypto casino is live, allowing token holders to stake and earn yields.

Built on the world’s fastest-growing private messaging app, Telegram, TG Casino ($TGC) has raised almost $1.5 million from early-bird investors.

In the presale, 40% of the token supply is available to the general public. Of the remaining, 20% is reserved for DEX liquidity, 20% is dedicated to staking rewards, 10% to player rewards, 5% for marketing, and 5% for the project’s affiliates.

The token can be bought with ETH, BNB, and USDT (ERC-20 and BEP-20) and runs on the Ethereum blockchain.

Business Model

TG Casino’s business model includes buyback and staking mechanisms to share revenue and profits with its token holders. The funds collected in the presale will be used for development and marketing, reads the project’s whitepaper.

The live casino allows presale buyers to earn a yield. While waiting for the token to launch, holders can earn a staking yield, currently earning a 362% annual percentage yield. TG Casino offers a 25% cashback bonus on net losses when betting with $TGC. The refund on net losses is paid out weekly.

TG Casino also runs a buyback program, burning 40% of these tokens and sharing the other 60% with $TGC token stakers.

Presale Target & Milestones

As per TG Casino’s presale plans, the price of $TGC will rise intermittently by increments of $0.0125 until the hard cap raise target of $5 million is reached. The presale price values $TGC at a market capitalization of just $13.75 million.

The token began its presale at $0.125 and has advanced one rung to $0.1375. The next presale milestone goal is $2.5 million, and 57% of that target has been achieved.

$TGC token is now fully integrated into the gambling platform, which means staking rewards can be easily recycled into placing bets in the casino or reinvested by buying more tokens.

Among the few licensed Telegram crypto casinos, TG Casino’s smart contract has been audited by blockchain security firm Coinsult.