Last Updated: March 7, 2024

Crypto casino and futures trading platform Rollbit released the list of the 10 most profitable trades in February 2024. The standout achievement of the month was an Ethereum ($ETH) trade that saw a mind-boggling profit of $513,382.

The trader, identified as ‘yoush,’ executed a successful long position on Ethereum with an entry price of $2,918.22. Leveraging a wager of $35,000, they strategically navigated the market to an exit price of $3,346.27, achieving an extraordinary return on investment (ROI) of 1466.81%.

However, another trader named ‘Reese,’ who notched up two nearly identical wins at the top of the leaderboard, boasting an incredible 91,594% ROI, stole the limelight.

Here are some of the notable trades that contributed to the buzz:

  1.   Reese’s trade on SOL with an entry price of $80.8179 and a wager of $14,950.00 resulted in an ROI of 2288.57%, with a profit of $342,141.50.
  2.   Hidde’s strategic move on BTC, entering at $42,921.53 with a $15,000.00 wager, yielded a profit of $243,956.17 and an ROI of 1626.37%.
  3.   Istone’s BTC trade showcased an ROI of 678.58%, with a profit of $192,717.58, entering at $54,592.43 with a $28,400.00 wager.
  4.   Devth’s trade on BTC achieved an impressive ROI of 1081.12%, with a profit of $135,140.15, entering at $51,004.93 with a $12,500.00 wager.

Resilience and Fluctuations

Rollbit’s performance in the crypto futures trading over the past three months highlights both resilience and fluctuations in revenue. In December, the platform recorded $10 million in crypto futures revenue, showcasing a robust start to the period. But January and February revenues at $7.8 million and $6.17 million respectively could not match the momentum seen in December. 

In February, there was a slight dip as the revenue dropped, signaling a 25.8% decrease compared to the previous month.

The overall revenue from casino, sports betting, and crypto futures trading at Rollbit has consistently increased over the last three months, recording $58 million in December 2023, $64.9 million in January 2024, and $62 million in February (29 days) 2024.