Last Updated: January 17, 2024

Rollbit, the popular crypto casino, recently shared exciting statistics and announcements showcasing the platform’s success and user engagement throughout 2023.

Sweet Bonanza Takes the Crown

The candy-coated delight, Sweet Bonanza, reigned supreme as the Most Popular Rollbit Game of the year. Rollbit Originals, Plinko, and X-Flip secured the second and third spots, respectively. Other fan-favorites like Wanted Dead or A Wild, Zeus vs Hades, Gods of Wars, Gates of Olympus, Retro Tapes, and Fruit Party rounded out the top contenders.

High-Roller Wins

Rollbit showcased some of the biggest sports wins of the year, with several wagers exceeding the $200,000 mark and delivering impressive returns. These wins, ranging from a $763,332.57 payout on a 2.29x odd wager to a $556,140.00 win on a 1.86x odd bet, demonstrate the platform’s ability to cater to high-stakes players and deliver life-changing wins.

Sportsbet Bonanza for Sportsbot Holders

The year 2023 proved to be a banner year for Rollbit’s Sportsbot holders. A staggering 87,764 unique sportsbets were placed, resulting in a total profit of $7,195,512.35 and an additional $4,508,234.50 in claimed free bets.

NFT Marketplace Still Soars

Despite the waning NFT craze, Rollbit’s Marketplace remained a vibrant hub for digital asset enthusiasts. With 27,847 sales generating over $36 million during the year, the platform displayed its resilience and continued appeal to collectors and investors.

Bonus Battles: A Knockout Success

Rollbit’s PvP slot competition, Bonus Battles, proved to be a hit with players, with a whopping 879,513 battles completed in 2023. This format, where players compete for a winner-takes-all prize, injects an exciting element of friendly competition into the gaming experience.

NFT Loans: A Lucrative Option

Rollbit’s NFT loan feature also saw significant traction, with over 108,000 interest-free 7-day loans totaling $36,876,379 issued during 2023. This innovative service allows NFT owners to unlock the liquidity tied up in their assets, providing them with financial flexibility without the need to sell.

Rollbit Reports Robust December Revenue

Rollbit reported a robust December revenue surpassing $58 million, compared to $56 million in November. The casino business played a significant role in this success, contributing a substantial $42.6 million to the overall revenue, compared to $38.3 million in the preceding month. Although the crypto futures revenue slightly dipped to $10 million, down by one million from November, and sports betting revenue decreased to $5.9 million from $6.6 million, the overall performance remained strong.

Rollbit officially launched its much-anticipated Duel Arena in November, inspired by the popular game RuneScape. The player-versus-player (PvP) gaming arena boasts a 0% house edge. The minimum stake requirement for joining or creating a duel is set at $10, which can be in the form of an on-site balance of $10 worth of RLB or any of the supported NFT collections.