Last Updated: April 3, 2024

The total number of RLB tokens burnt constitutes 43.8% of the initial supply.

Leading online gaming platform Rollbit reported revenue of $64.83 million for March 2024, an increase of 3.93% over February. The 30-day revenues for casino, crypto futures, and sports are $34,572,609.43, $8,068,847.80, and $22,196,713.08, respectively.

Sports betting revenue, which dramatically surged to $34.1 million in February, dropped 35.19% to $22.2 million in March, but it’s still strong compared to the previous months.

However, the overall revenue figures match those in January, when its monthly revenue surged to $65 million, marking a 12% increase from December 2023.

The Curaçao-licensed crypto casino platform reported significant growth across its casino, crypto futures, and sports betting platforms, with the casino segment contributing the most at $48.3 million, followed by sports betting and crypto futures.

43.8% RLB Tokens Burnt So Far

Additionally, the platform has disclosed data regarding the burn of its native token, RLB. In the 30 days of March, 80,313,836 RLB tokens worth $9,313,836 were burnt.

This brings the total number of RLB tokens burned to 2,193,590,286, 43.8% of the initial supply of 5 billion tokens. At the same time, the total circulating supply is down to 2,806,409,714 RLB tokens, which is 56.13% of the initial supply.

Roller-Coaster Price Movement

While RLB started the month strong, closing at $0.137 on March 3rd, it faced a downward trend throughout the middle of the month. By March 14, the price had dipped to $0.110, a decrease of over 20%.

However, the latter half of March saw a partial recovery for RLB. The token price climbed steadily, closing at $0.117 on March 30. Despite the positive finish, RLB still ended the month down around 14% compared to its opening price.

Analysts offer various reasons for RLB’s volatility, including broader market fluctuations that have impacted cryptocurrencies.