Last Updated: February 28, 2024

It follows some major wins, including $2.3 by Rapper Drake in the first half of the month. reported several substantial winnings across various games and sports bets in the second fortnight of February so far. Here’s a roundup of some of the standout victories:

In a remarkable display of luck and strategy, a player on Stake scored big on the Power of Merlin Megaways slot. With a bet of $997.39, the player hit an astounding multiplier of 1,465.95x, resulting in a massive payout of $1,462,118.40.

Another player achieved divine success on the Zeus vs Hades: Gods of War slot, securing a god-tier multiplier of 2100.00x with a $1,000 bet. The payout? A staggering $2,100,100.

On February 12, a bold player crafted a multi-sport accumulator bet with a stake of $250,000. The carefully selected games, including basketball and soccer matchups, culminated in odds of 6.32 and a remarkable payout of $1,578,841.25.

The Freshly squeezed Dork Unit juicer slot proved lucrative for a player who placed a $3005.86 bet and achieved a multiplier of 406.40x, resulting in a juicy payout of $1,221,579.88.

A sports bettor experienced a significant windfall as Benfica’s victory, sealed with Angel Di Maria’s injury-time penalty, delivered a payout of $187,099.85. Placing a $10,000 bet at odds of 18.71, this win adds to the excitement of combining sports enthusiasm with financial gains.

A punter’s faith in Joao Moutinho’s stoppage time goal paid off with an unbelievable correct score win. With odds of 351, a $50.03 stake translated into a noteworthy payout of $17,560.54, showcasing the unpredictable and rewarding nature of sports betting.

Over $6 Million in Wins in First Fortnight

Earlier, we reported that Rapper Drake took home a massive $2.3 million after correctly predicting the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl victory on February 12. A player turning a small $163 bet into a life-changing $1.6 million win on the Wanted Dead or Wild game was another major win during the first fortnight of February.

Yet another player won $1.4 million on the Wild Bison Charge game, and a separate gambler’s well-placed multi-bet on Champions League matches yielded a $1.3 million payout during this period.