Last Updated: October 25, 2023

The amount of total RLB tokens burned so far is 37.29% of the initial 5 billion supply.

ASXN, a boutique digital asset research organization, said in an exhaustive report - The House Always Wins: A Rollbit Research Report, that Rollbit’s generated revenue over the past month has shot up to the impressive $64.3 million, and it’s projected to grow to $518 million on an annual base.

Based on its detailed analysis, ASXN added that Rollbit, the prominent gaming and gambling platform, has positioned itself as a formidable player in the gaming and gambling industry.

At the time of this report, a total of 1,864,619,949 RLB tokens have been burned, constituting 37.29% of the initial 5 billion RLB supply, the report added.

Product Lines and Revenues

Rollbit operates three distinct product lines: a casino, a sportsbook, and a futures trading platform. The revenues from these products contribute to a buyback of RLB tokens in the following ratio: Casino 10%, Sportsbook 20%, and Trading 30%. The daily revenues from each segment are impressive: the casino generates $912.2K USD, the sportsbook $174.8K USD, and futures trading $280.7K USD.

Earlier, Rollbit had reported that its September revenue crossed $38 million in September 2023. This is where the difference stems from, as the numbers are quite different between Rollbit’s report and the figures from ASXN. However, the latter’s report includes more of the platform’s services.

Tokenomics and Buyback Mechanism

The RLB token, launched on Solana on October 11, 2021, follows a fair launch and fully diluted distribution. With a total initial supply of 5 billion RLB tokens, the distribution favored Rollbot NFT Stakers with 77.14%, while Rollbit Users and Giveaways received the remaining 22.87%.

Rollbit’s buyback and burn mechanism is driven by protocol revenues, with RLB tokens also serving utility in rakeback and reduced trading fees. Users can receive up to 10% rakeback and a trading fee reduction of up to 60% by holding RLB tokens.

Supply Simulation and Valuation

The report delves into a meticulous simulation of RLB supply considering buyback and burn. Variables such as RLB price and Rollbit’s product-generated revenue are key factors.

The anticipated supply decrease ranges from 5.3% to 24.6% over one year, depending on RLB price and daily buybacks.

Catalysts and Risks

Rollbit is poised for growth with key catalysts, including increased marketing, sponsorship efforts, new product development (e.g., Sandbox/Dual Casino), the development of a PWA mobile app, and ongoing token burns. However, risks such as regulatory challenges, smart contract vulnerabilities, and market saturation are acknowledged.

The research report concludes by presenting a full analysis of Rollbit, providing valuable insights for investors and enthusiasts alike. The platform’s performance, coupled with strategic plans and risk mitigation, positions Rollbit as a formidable player in the gaming and gambling industry.