Last Updated: May 2, 2024

A $1.75 wager on Roulette transformed into a massive $21,000 thanks to 1633x multiplier.

Crypto casino platform Rollbit reported a string of impressive wins lighting up the crypto casino in the last two weeks of April.

The biggest win goes to an anonymous player who defied the odds with a phenomenal $250 wager on the “Book of Time” slot. The lucky spin triggered a mind-blowing 1,633.30 multiplier, transforming their initial bet into a staggering $408,325 windfall.

Another lucky player, “uhohitsevans,” also had a successful spin on X-Roulette. With a mere $1.75 wager, they landed a lucky 12,000.00 multiplier, walking away with a cool $21,000 payout.

The winning streak doesn’t stop there. Another anonymous player showcased the power of leverage with a well-timed bet on Ethereum (ETH). By using a 1,000x leverage on a $2,500 wager, they capitalized on a slight price increase in ETH, turning their initial investment into a sweet $53,062 profit.

Finally, the Rollbit Lottery also saw its share of lucky winners. AguilaTrades emerged victorious, claiming a hefty $61,256.32 jackpot.

During the April 11-19 period, Rollbit witnessed some remarkable wins on its platform. Among the highlights was GoldenFish5000’s astonishing $1,003,840 jackpot, achieved with a $500 bet on The Wild Gang slot, yielding a 2,007.68x multiplier. Another notable win was a $330,400 payout on Rich Wilde and the Tome of Madness, secured with a $10,000 wager and a 33.04x multiplier.

Rollbit on a Roll: Strong Revenue and Token Burn Signal Bullish Future

In the latest 7-day revenue and RLB buy-and-burn figures released on April 24, Rollbit reported a revenue of $13.26 million.  The contribution of casino, crypto futures, and sports betting revenue were $6.4 million, $1.6 million, and $5.2 million.

Over the same period, a significant amount of RLB was burned, a deflationary mechanism that reduces the circulating supply and can potentially increase the value of remaining tokens. At the end of the 37th week of the RLB Buy and Burn Program, 2,748,707,498 RLB tokens were in circulation which is 54.97% of the total supply. So far, 2,251,292,501 RLB (45.03%) have been burned, with 16,444,150 RLB tokens worth $1,955,540.66 were burned in the 7-day period.