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If you want to gamble online, one of the best payment methods to use is an e-wallet. With a gambling wallet, you can enjoy a fast, easy, and reliable way to fund your online casino or betting site account if you have not tried online gambling or an e-wallet before.

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There are various gambling wallets out there. So, choosing one might be a little overwhelming. Thus, this article will list the top gambling wallet options you can consider.


If you have ever made online transactions, chances are you have already heard about PayPal. It is one of the top e-wallets you will find in the market. PayPal is a brainchild of Elon Musk, Ken Howery, Max Levchin, Yu Pan, Luke Nosek, and Peter Thiel. The payment method is accepted by many casinos and betting platforms. The best thing is that it doesn’t charge any fee. If you choose this gambling wallet payment method, your withdrawals will be processed within 24 hours.

However, PayPal’s bank account verification process might be a little time-consuming.


Another popular gambling wallet that you can consider using is Neteller. It has been doing business for two decades and is accepted by almost all betting platforms. You can fund the Neteller account using different funding methods. However, these options are country-specific. In addition, it offers a MasterCard that you can use for making real-world purchases.

However, debit and credit card deposits at Neteller accounts are charged a certain fee. However, a few local deposit methods are free. Also, if you make withdrawals through Neteller and get it processed through cheque or debit card, Neteller will charge $2 for each transaction.

So, even though it is a popular choice, it can be a little expensive.


Skrill was previously known as Moneybookers. It is a popular choice for gambling transactions. Through this, you can make cheaper and faster transactions. Skrill has been operating for 15 years. So, it is accepted by a wide range of online casinos or betting sites.

Skrill also provides a MasterCard that you can use for making transactions. However, you will have to pay a fee of 1.9% for deposits through a Skrill card. Also, when you use this for your withdrawals, you have to pay a certain amount of fee. However, if you are a VIP member, the fees are reduced to some extent.

So, we can say that Skrill is a cheaper alternative than Neteller to be used as a gambling wallet.


This gambling wallet has been around since 2000. ecoPayz is a payment solution available globally and works with almost all gambling platforms. One of the primary benefits of using this payment method is that it charges a low commission and has an additional layer of security. In addition, with ecoPayz, you will be able to transfer your money without even depositing it to your bank.

When you use ecoPayz, you will be able to make instant deposits. So, after you complete the transactions, you can start to play your favorite game.

However, the fees might vary based on funding the ecoPayz account and where you live. The good thing is the fee is very low.

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Benefits of Using Gambling Wallet at Casinos or Betting Sites

Here are a few benefits of using an e-wallet to gamble online.

  1. When you use a gambling wallet, you don’t have to reveal any details to the gambling operator. However, security and safety have to be taken seriously when gambling online. Operators say that your details are safe with them, but you have to be careful. With an e-wallet, the casino or the third party will not access your financial details.
  2. Banks and other financial bodies generally refuse loans to people who have a long gambling history. This is because they think that you can’t pay back the money. They check this through your transaction history. So, when you use an e-wallet, it will keep your gambling records a secret. So, no one will come to know about your transactions.

It is easy to set up a gambling wallet account within minutes. So, choose one and start gambling on your favorite games.

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