Last Updated: October 10, 2023
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Rollercoaster is an exciting betting game where you wager on whether the price will go up or down. Here, the catch is that the price itself is randomly generated in simulating trading, marked by higher volatility, and that justifies the game’s name – Rollercoaster. Each round lasts for 24 hours. Players can enter the game any time, wager, and cash out at their convenience.

Your profit and payout depend on two factors. First, how far the price goes in your favor when your bet is successful. Second, the multiplier you choose. Rollbit offers leverage ranging between 1x and 1000x.

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Rollercoaster is Provably Fair

Anyone can verify the algorithm used with the published seed and confirm for themselves that Rollbit did not alter any prices after betting on the round has begun. Rollbit can’t change the prices based on the bets placed by users, the team states.

Bust Event

Your bet can go bust if the simulated price goes too far in the opposite direction of your bet.

Key Features of Rollbit’s Rollercoaster Game:

  • The house edge is 2.5%
  • The Return To Player (RTP) percentage is 97.5%
  • The maximum position size is $100,000
  • There’s a fixed fee of 5% on all profitable bets

How to Play Rollercoaster

To play on Rollbit’s Rollercoaster, you must register on the platform and fund your account. Rollbit supports deposit and withdrawal only through BTC, ETH, LTC, SOL, RLB, ERC20 (USDx, APE, and more), and NFTs.

Once you have completed the registration and deposits, you are ready to play Rollercoaster. To get started, navigate to the sidebar, select ‘Trading,’ then click ‘Rollercoaster.’

At Rollercoaster, the price always starts at 1,000. It rests every 24 hours at 00:00 UTC. When a round resets, all existing bets automatically get closed. The time of the price reset is mentioned on the chart.

How to Place a Bet

If you want to bet on the price going up, click the UP button. Once activated, it will turn green. It should be followed by entering your wager amount and payout multiplier.

Also, take notice of the ‘Bust Price,’ located to the right of the Payout Multiplier box. It is the price at which your wager would be lost.

You can edit the payout multiplier and choose between x1, which is considered safe, and x1000, which is considered wild. When the payout multiplier is greater, the bust price will be closer to your entry price for your bet.

For example, when using a payout multiplier of x10 instead of x40, the bust price is much further away from the entry price at 1,100, giving you more breathing space and a lower chance of going bust.

Once you find the perfect bet for your game, click the “Place Bet” button. It will turn green if you choose “Up” and red if you choose “Down.”

When you complete placing the bet, you will receive a notification at the bottom left-hand side of the screen confirming your bet was placed, and it will show in the display under “Active Bets.”

The ‘Active Bets’ tab will show the direction of your bet (Up or Down), the entry price, the wager amount, the bust price, the multiplier, and the P&L (profit and loss).

A point to take note: The Funding option does not apply to Rollercoaster bets!

How to Manage Risks While Playing Rollercoaster

You can set a profit and loss limit to Cash out automatically. You can change your wager from Manual to Auto and set these profit and loss limits before placing the bet. It lets you choose the price you want to cash out at.

For example, you could profit once you’ve made $200 on your wager or cut your losses if you’re down $50.

You can also add a take profit or stop loss after you’ve placed a bet by clicking on the two cogs in the ‘Active Bets’ tab:

The following section will show you how to close a Rollercoaster bet.

How to Close a Bet on Rollercoaster

You can close the bet and cash out anytime during your active bet. For this, you can click “Cash Out.” This Cash-Out option is on the chart and in the Active Bets tab.

On clicking Cash Out, you will receive a notification, and your bet will be placed under the Closed Bets tab.

The Rollercoaster Leaderboard

Whether you want your username and bets to be seen by others depends on you. The ‘Public Bets’ tab lists all the bets made by Rollbit users. You can choose not to be seen here by activating the private profile feature.

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