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Last Updated: December 19, 2021
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DooTron Crypto Casino is an online cryptocurrency casino. However, it appears to have disappeared from the scene. Now, do the investors only have some worthless tokens? So, where did DooTron Crypto Casino go?

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Dootron Crypto Casino Disappearance: Is It a Strategy?

Every Tron Casino works in the same manner. In these casinos, you earn a token for every bet you place. So, the more amount you wager, the more tokens you win. Following that, the players opt to either lock or sell the token to collect dividends from their profit.

What makes things interesting is that before vanishing, DooTron had come up with a second game- Shoot. This game issues a second Token that will allow punters to fly beyond infinity.

In Shoot, a player will have to guess where the next card will fall. Usually, the new token made the total in the Dootron online casino, where Doo is the other. Thus, the new token successfully attracted several investors whose main aim was to profit. Some of them even got Shoot tokens for their wagers.

Where did Tron Go?

Cryptocurrency exchanges delisted DooTron, and so many people think that there might have been some kind of inquiry into the platform. So, DooTron Crypto Casino has decided to run for it. Many investors took to Twitter and expressed their disappointment.

A few people are talking about the tokens being invalid. It is due to the smart contract, which is in place. But the tokens are useless now as no exchange will list the tokens.

So, if you have invested in DooTron Crypto Casino, you will just have to wait and expect it to appear online, magically. People who have invested in the tokens hoping to make a profit might be out of luck.

The World of Cryptocurrency

The cryptocurrency field is still in its infancy. Only tech-savvy people know about it. For most people, it is an alien concept.

Bitcoin has been associated with many dark web marketplaces for illegal services or goods. But after its boom in 2017, many people have been hearing about it. Everyone has been learning about significant gains and how cryptocurrency investors become millionaires in one day. Even people who don’t know about cryptocurrencies are now making loans to invest in cryptocurrencies to make quick profits.

Governments are now creating new rules and regulations for the industry. As a result, many projects are coming up on cryptocurrencies. However, many businesses have unproven projects that obtain funding and ultimately fail. So, the investors will have invested in nothing. DooTron Crypto Casino might be one such failing project.

More than 59,082,099.596981 tokens had been mined with 1428 holders. But over 12 million are frozen. So, the tokens will not earn dividends. Shoot also has over 1.4 million frozen.

Until now, the only thing that we know is DooTron has been delisted by exchange, which shows that DooTron is encountering operational investigations.

People whose tokens are invalid might still get their dividends. But if you have invested in the gambling site after buying the token and then frozen them, you might not get the profit.

Bottom Line

DooTron Crypto Casino has only been around for a short period. Nobody knows for now where the DooTron Casino is and why it disappeared. We only know that some investigation might be in process. So, the online casino operators have cut and run. But it seems like DooTron Casino players are not happy about it.

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