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Last Updated: April 20, 2022
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Can you still remember the fun Plinko game from the classic 1980s show called ‘The Price is Right’?

Introduced in 1983, Plinko offers an interactive TV game experience that provides a cash prize of up to $50,000.Here, the player receives a Plinko chip, and he takes this on top of the board. 

This board features a field of pegs; each row is offset from the previous row to allow the easy dropping of the chip. In addition, there are nine slots or pockets at the bottom of the board that corresponds to different values that the player can win. In short, Plinko is a fun and exciting retro game for US players that awards lucrative prizes. 

This classic 1980s game is making an exciting and rewarding comeback thanks to crypto Plinko USA games. In this casino game, the traditional rules and objectives remain the same with a few minor changes- the game’s virtual, and you can bet using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies!

Set Your Bet, Drop the Ball, and Watch Out for your Prize!

Plinko is a simple yet exciting casino game that can work for all types of players, including beginners. To play, just visit a crypto casino and select the crypto Plinko game from its list of games. 

Once the game loads, you will notice a field of pegs (or small white dots) arranged in a triangular fashion. At the top, you’ll find four pegs; on the second row, you have five pegs, and each row adds one until it reaches the base with 14 pegs in most games. Each peg comes with a specific game Multiplier that ranges from 0.3x up to 33x in most Plinko games! 

The board’s design, the number of pegs, and multipliers may vary depending on the crypto casino, but the principle of the game remains the same. If you’re ready to play, just select your bet using its Menu and click ‘Bet’ or ‘Play.’ 

Once you start the game, you just watch the virtual white ball drop from the top, make its way through the pegs, settle into one of the pockets, and hopefully end in the game’s multiplier!

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Crypto Plinko Games are Provably Fair, Too!

Aside from its ease of gameplay, crypto Plinko games are provably fair, too. A section in the betting menu in most Bitcoin casinos lets you verify the game’s fairness. If you click this ‘Fairness’ button or box, you’ll find information on the Server Seed (Hashed), Client Seed, and Nonced that help in building transparency. 

Most crypto Plinko games feature your betting history or your past results, which you can use to maximize your gambling experience. You can also find the Auto and Manual modes for wagering to manage your bets. There’s even an option to choose your risk level before playing the game.

Crypto Plinko games combine all popular elements that make casino games exciting. Plinko is fun, easy to play, offers excellent potential for winning, and is provably fair. Today’s top Bitcoin casinos provide their version of crypto Plinko USA games. Some of the highly recommended Plinko casinos to try today are 7Bit Casino, Bitcoin Penguin, and Andromeda Casino. These websites don’t just offer Bitcoin-ready Plinko games, they’re reputable and safe, too. 

So if you’re planning to play this crypto game, check our website for complete reviews and recommendations of the top Bitcoin casinos for US players.

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