Last Updated: February 26, 2024

Also, the crypto-only betting platform reported a weekly revenue of $14.5 Million.  

Popular crypto casino Rollbit has seen a streak of impressive wins from Book of Cats to Wanted Dead or a Wild for its players in February.

Georgewallet stole the spotlight on February 13 with an incredible win on the slot game Book of Cats. Placing a bet of $2,000, this daring player managed to scoop a whopping $818,800, thanks to an astonishing multiplier of 409.4x.

On February 15, player l3abrollbit dove into the mysteries of Mystery Museum. With a modest $100 bet, luck favored the brave as they secured a mesmerizing multiplier of 2,186.4x, resulting in an impressive windfall.

BigorHome seized the moment on February 18 while playing Plink. With a bet of $500 and a multiplier of 1,000, this player saw their investment transform into triumph, showcasing that sometimes, simplicity leads to significant wins.

Turtlewow39 embarked on an enchanting journey with Starlight Princess on February 20. Opting for a Bonus Buy of 100,000, this adventurous player reaped the rewards with a total win of $768,700, proving that the princess’s charm extends to big wins.

On February 23, HiTechRedneck forged their destiny in the Viking-themed slot “Viking Forge.” With a modest bet of $62.50, a staggering multiplier of 3,571.96 led to a win amounting to $223,247.50, showcasing the warrior spirit in the digital realm.

Aervue entered the world of the Wild West on February 24 with Wanted Dead Or A Wild. Placing a $200 bet, this player secured a formidable multiplier of 2,883, resulting in a remarkable win of $576,600.

In the first few days of the month, Rollbit reported two multi-million dollar wins. On February 2, mila777 struck a jackpot of $1,353,300 on the Buffalo King slot, boasting a remarkable 1,804.40x multiplier. Then, on February 3, a player with a concealed profile achieved the biggest win of the week, walking away with $2 million on Land of the Free, propelled by a 25,000x multiplier.

Rollbit Weekly Revenue at $14.5 Million

Meanwhile, Rollbit has released details for the 28th week of its ongoing Buy and Burn program. This program aims to reduce the circulating supply of Rollbit’s native token, RLB, by repurchasing and burning tokens using a portion of the platform’s revenue.

The 28th week saw Rollbit generate $7,853,827 in total casino revenue, $1,401,903.69 in crypto futures revenue, and $5,264,979.73 in sports revenue, with a total of $14,520,710.42 from all these three streams. A portion of this revenue, totaling 15,795,827 RLB worth $2,033,054.89, was used to buy and burn RLB tokens.

Since the program’s inception, 2,907,870,277 RLB tokens have been burned, representing 41.86% of the original supply of 5 billion. This means that the current circulating supply of RLB is 2,907,129,723 tokens, which is 58.14% of the original supply.