Last Updated: October 16, 2023

Online Poker is one of the most played casino games on the web, providing a range of stakes and catering to a wide variety of audiences.

Most casino platforms are now supporting crypto payments, with BTC and top altcoins like LTC, BNB, SOL, ADA, SHIB, DOGE, and others being accepted for Deposits and Withdrawals. Also, several casinos are crypto-native. So much good for crypto holders with a fancy for poker games.

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10 Best Crypto Poker Sites 2023

1. Stake
2. mBit Casino
3. 1xBit
5. Lucky Block
7. BC.Game
9. Bitstarz
10. Vave

What is Poker?

Poker is originally a family of card games in which players compare and bet over the ranking of their hands compared to other players. The one with the highest-ranking hand wins the game. A poker hand refers to the set of 5 cards each player possesses. They can be individual cards not revealed to other players or shared cards on the table.

There are many variations of Poker worldwide, differing in the number of cards dealt with and rules for winning, but all of them involve some form of betting. Online poker makes it easier to start even as a beginner by providing step-by-step guides with the games.

Online Poker has been on the rise for the past decade due to the increased accessibility to the internet and easy availability of the game. With the incorporation of cryptocurrency, it is even more feasible due to the additional security and anonymity that online games are now able to provide.

Game Objective?

In a poker game, the objective is to win the pot collected by betting on the table. It can be done in two ways: by having the highest hand among all players or by placing a bet no other player is willing to play. The latter is a less likely scenario, and the essential skills of a player revolve around making the best match possible out of the seven cards available to him.

History of Poker

Poker has been a popular offline game for almost a century. On 1 January 1998, Planet Poker introduced the first version of online Poker, which was received with a lot of enthusiasm. However, many technical and graphic issues were solved with time.

Origin of Poker

The origin of Poker is uncertain and varies across cultures. Some historians have debated that the French game Poke and the Persian game As-Nas slowly evolved into modern-day Poker. Others say the game was introduced in South America as a boat game on the Mississippi River during the 19th century.

Representation on television increased the game’s popularity in the early 2000s when the number of players almost doubled yearly.

Standard Poker Terms and Definitions

Before you begin playing Poker online, it is essential to understand some terminologies related to the game.

● There are two kinds of cards dealt with. The two cards distributed to each player are called Hole cards, and the five cards on the table are called Community cards.
● Poker is played over three kinds of limits. Fixed-limit games have fixed minimum and maximum sizes of bets. Pot-limit games have the size of the pot as the maximum bet limit. No-limit games have no upper bar for bets.
● Flop, Turn, and Turn: Among the five community cards, the first three cards to be revealed are called the Flop, the fourth card is called the Turn, and the fifth is called the River.
● Fold: It means the player refuses to participate in the round and backs out of the game.
● Call: It means the player is taking a bet of the same size as the previous player.
● Raise: It means the player is increasing the size of the bet.
● Showdown: This is when all players show their hands, and the ultimate winner is decided.

Types of Online Poker Games

Poker Variations

The online poker games and its rules differ significantly and can be classified into four categories:

● Draw poker games are games in which the players are shown all cards together and then hidden. The final hands are formed by replacing cards.
● Stud-poker games are games in which players get some cards face-up and other cards face-down.
● Five-card stud is an example of such a game.
● Community games are games in which the player possesses two hidden cards and five shared cards.
● Texas Hold ’em is the most common form of Poker played worldwide.
● Mixed Poker is played as a combination of different rules and is highly adaptable. HORSE is a typical example of such a game.

Why Play Poker Online?

Poker has always been a private game played in bars and casinos for fun. Since the advent of Free Poker Online, the game’s popularity has increased manifolds. There are several reasons to play Poker online:

The Ability to Play at Multiple Tables

It is the biggest advantage of playing Poker online. While you can only be physically present at one table, you can bet simultaneously on two or more tables in the online game and increase your chances of recovering money. However, this can also lead to more losses, so consider it properly before you go for it.

Super Convenient

You don’t have to bother about going out of your homes and interacting with strangers to finally sit at a game with them. Online Poker makes it easy for anybody to start playing the game. You just have to log in to your PC or mobile and enjoy the game.

No Chance of an Accidental Reveal

When you are physically present at the table, your body reactions and facial expressions can give away a lot about the card in your hands. Online Poker provides an advantage over this. There’s no way to know which cards your opponent has and no chance of even sneaking a peek.


As people commonly own laptops and mobile phones these days, they can play from anywhere and with players from all over the world without spending a single cent. There are no language or currency barriers in the online poker industry. Poker has become much more accessible and easier for the public.

Fair Dealing

When a dealer is a person, there can be some kind of bias or unfair advantage to some players. But in Online Poker, Dealing is done by a computer, making it fairer and more random.

Better Rules and Management

With online Poker, keeping an eye on activities and monitoring movements are possible, making management better. It also prevents any misuse or unethical activity in the game. It also provides security advantages to players who are at risk sometimes during physical poker games.

Better Prices and Discounts

Online poker sites do not have to pay the rent and other bills associated with a large casino. As a result, online Poker is much more affordable, and discounts are available around the year on many such games, which are hard to find in physical setups.

The Introduction of Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency has made online poker faster and more secure. Most online casinos now allow you to deal in cryptocurrencies such as bitcoins and lithium. These currencies are globally accessible and provide low-cost inter-border transactions. Cryptocurrencies also provide added security due to blockchain technology behind them.

While traditional payment methods can sometimes lead to delays and losses, playing in cryptocurrency ensures that players have full control over their online transactions.

Tips to Win in Poker Games Online

You can practice many tricks to get better at online Poker eventually. You can even do your tricks with time and experience.

Correct Positioning

The cards are passed clockwise around the table, starting from the left. Being the last person to act gives you the benefit of seeing everyone else’s moves before making your own.

Mathematical Calculations

Poker is mainly about mathematical calculations. For instance, if you have three cards of hearts on the table and one in your hand, you have eight more hearts cards in the deck to create your hand.

Emotional State

Much of the game’s result is determined by how calm you can be on the table. Poker can be very emotionally taxing, and feeling pressure is normal. But try to keep calm and make decisions from a composed mind.

Betting Size

There are two reasons for betting on Poker. The first is that you believe in the worth of your hand and put money into it. The second is to “bluff” other players into thinking that you have a high-value hand, which can lead to more players backing out and increased chances of winning.

Poker FAQs

What is the best online poker game for real money?

Various real-money poker games are available on the web today, such as Gamezy, PokerStars, Partypoker, etc.

How to play Poker online for free?

There are various sites available online that allow users to play Poker without any fee. However, you must download an application, register, and play Free Poker online.

Is Poker skill or luck?

Even though Poker has elements of luck, it is primarily a game of skill. In the long term, a more skilled player will eventually beat a new player with his tricks and experience. In the short term, you can win some amount due to luck, but you must consistently practice improving if you are to stay.

Is Poker a mental game?

Poker is primarily a mental skill game developed through practice and consistently trying out strategies. Therefore, the chances of winning depend on a player’s calculative moves and decision-making capabilities.

Can you win real money in Online Poker?

Yes, you can win real money in Online Poker. There are many professional players worldwide who make a living playing poker online. But it requires some serious effort and practice to start earning money through it.