Last Updated: February 16, 2021

Drinking alcohol and consuming recreational marijuana are enjoyable activities because they stimulate the flow of “feel good” chemicals in the brain.

Although gambling and weed or alcohol might sound like a great combo for many, it is a terrible idea. Some people even mix alcohol and weed for stronger high while gambling, but that is just a disaster recipe.

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Here are some reasons why mixing alcohol and marijuana with casino games is a bad practice.

Alcohol, Marijuana, And Gambling Are Not Friends

Alcohol, weed, and gambling are used for entertainment, but they are not exactly friends because combining them puts you in a bad spot.

But the crazy thing is that land-based casinos will give out free alcoholic beverages but will never let you smoke cannabis on the casino floor even though alcohol has far greater impairments than weed.

Many brick and mortar casinos are quite cautious about cannabis use as they could lose their game licenses because recreational marijuana is illegal in some countries. Smoking weed is restricted to smoking rooms or private balconies. They could ask you to leave the premises if you had been caught smoking cannabis anywhere on the casino floor.

Affects Your Judgement

There is a rush of excitement and euphoria that fills your whole body when you drink, smoke weed, and gamble. But remember that you’re gambling with money, and to win, you need good judgment.

Cannabis and alcohol intake triggers increased risk-taking behavior associated with the tendency to make impulsive decisions. These drugs, especially alcohol, impair your judgment, thus reducing your chances of winning, but casinos won’t tell you that. No wonder they hand free booze to players. They will let you continue playing even while intoxicated unless you’re visibly intoxicated.

Your judgment is one great tool that can help increase the odds of winning at table games. You need a clear head to make strategic bets, but marijuana and excessive alcohol rob you of that. The high and out of the world experience you feel when you drink or smoke weed is only temporary. And it can affect your short term memory and cloud your judgment.

Unless you’re betting on a game of chance like roulette, playing games that require skills and critical thinking with excess alcohol or marijuana in your system will expose you to potentially large losses due to poor judgment.

Slow Reaction Time

You should avoid consuming alcohol or marijuana when betting because these substances can affect your reaction time. 

Gambling requires quick moves and fast decision making, especially if you’re gambling in a casino that allows you to play with other real players and a live dealer.

So if there’s marijuana or alcohol in your system, you’ll have a hard time deciding what bet to make as you struggle to understand the outcomes.

Consuming too much alcohol or weed makes you excited, but it also puts you in a state of confusion. And being confused when playing casino games means trouble. You’ll start making the wrong moves and decisions, which could leave you rekt in no time.


There’s no better way to increase your winning odds than having a clear and sharp mind. Unless you are playing to lose money, it is bad to mix gambling with alcohol or marijuana in any form, whether you are using a land-based casino or an online platform.