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Last Updated: September 1, 2022

Although Stake Casino is a leading cryptocurrency casino that accepts players from almost every part of the world, it is still vital that you know who the owners are. This way, you can eliminate doubt and be 100% certain that the casino is legit.

Just think of it in terms of brand building and in establishing a sense of credibility. Most people don’t just jump into using a product, service, or platform from an unknown source; verifying ownership is very important. This article will cover the people and the team behind Stake Casino.

Who Is The Owner of

Ed Craven and Bijan Tehrani are the founders, while Mladen Vuckovic is currently the CEO of Stake Casino and the parent company is Medium Rare NV.

Stake was launched in 2017, and since then, it has grown to be one of the biggest online casino platforms in the world. The bookie operates under Medium Rare NV, a company incorporated in Curaçao, where it is licensed and certified. The bookie has offices in Australia, Serbia, and Cyprus and staff in other parts of the world. 

Medium Rare NV is responsible for managing, and so far, they have proven credible. They focus on ensuring that users get the best experience. The casino does not just operate a website but also has an app managed by the same company.

Why is it Important to Know the Owner of Stake Casino?

It is essential because if the casino operators are credible, their platform will likely be credible. It does not matter how legitimate a platform may seem or how many positive reviews it may have online; it is still essential for people to carry out background checks to clear up any doubts. 

Finding out who the owner(s) are will also help you to determine if they have the proper license and the licensing body. No matter how big a platform may seem, using an unlicensed casino will always be risky. 

Where Are Stake Casino Headquarters Located?

Apart from wanting to know who owns Stake Casino, players often ask and look for the bookie’s headquarters. You need to find this location because it can determine the licenses available to the bookie. 

Stake Casino is owned and operated by Medium Rare NV, registered in Curacao. The UK arm of the casino, Stake UK, is run by TGP Europe Ltd, located in Douglas, Isle of Man, Great Britain. The UK Gambling Commission licenses the website and mobile app of Stake Casino under reference number 38898.

If you are familiar with the gambling industry, you should know that the UK Gambling Commission license is challenging to earn. However, gambling sites with a UK remote license adhere to fair gambling and commit to Responsible Gambling initiatives. In addition, Stake Casino is licensed in Curacao and authorized to operate in different countries using different URLs.

Is Stake Casino Safe to Use?

There are several methods that an individual can use to verify the security and legitimacy of a platform. These include:

  • Researching the owners/parent company of the casino
  • Cross-checking the license available and the licensing body

Stake Casino passes both benchmarks. A look at its security policy shows Stake Casino has a standard framework. The bookie’s site relies on credible security mechanisms like SSL encryption and firewalls. With this layer of security, bettors can count on complete data protection.

If you are still in doubt, be assured that the UK Gambling Commission licenses the bookie for its UK market and the Government of Curaçao for international players.  In addition to its impressive regulatory credentials, Stake Casino is home to a premium selection of top casino games, from slots to card games. Medium Rare N.V, a company incorporated in Curacao, runs the casino.


Now that you know who owns Stake Casino, it is essential to point out that the parent company, Medium Rare NV, has been in the casino industry for a while and has been aggressive in marketing the casino. Compared to other online gambling sites, Stake Casino has partnerships with several celebrities and partners with top leagues and tournaments, including UFC, to build its credentials as one of the leading betting sites.

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