Last Updated: May 14, 2024

Last week, witnessed a series of incredible wins across its casino games and sports betting options, leaving players cheering! Here’s a breakdown of some of the biggest:

The biggest win during the previous 7-day period came to a gambler who defied the odds with a $2,998,500 payout on the Plinko slot after a $2,998.50 bet landed on a 1,000x multiplier.

Twitch streamer NickMercs landed a massive $46,000 win from a $50 bet on the popular slot game Wanted Dead or a Wild.

A lucky player turned a mere $0.01 into a staggering $9,674.58 playing Limbo, achieving a near-perfect 1,000,000x multiplier.

Sports Betting                                                      

A savvy bettor defied Manchester United’s doubter with a successful five-team parlay that paid out a whopping $43,045.56 from a $5,325 stake. The odds were a remarkable 8.08.

A gambler turned a $25 bet into a $22,156.91 windfall with a winning football parlay boasting incredible odds of 886.28.

S101 Bet Transforms Into $1 Million Win on Le Bandit Slot

In the final week of April, reported a few scintillating wins. The most impressive win came when a lucky player turned a $101 bet into a massive $1 million win thanks to a 10,000x multiplier on the “Le Bandit” slot game.

A boxing fan defied the odds with a $3,005 bet on Ryan Garcia (26:1 underdog) and walked away with $78,151. Another gambler hit a $52,500 jackpot on Wanted Dead or Wild with just a $5 bet. A savvy parlay bettor turned $77 into a life-changing $13,315 payout.

Even a bettor who picked the losing fighter (Gakhov) in a boxing match profited thanks to high odds, cashing out over $47,000 on a $1,926 bet.