Last Updated: June 26, 2024

From small bets turning into big wins to high rollers raking in massive payouts, lucky players on and Rollbit witnessed some fabulous wins across their betting platforms. These wins came both in sports and casino games.

Here are some notable wins on these two premier crypto casino platforms:

Sports Betting

Argentina Upset: An Argentine bettor defied the odds with a pre-match wager on a draw/Argentina win in the Argentina-Canada match. Their $32,467.53 stake turned into a sweet $100,649.35 payout!

Celtics Triumph: A patient bettor’s four-month wait for a big win paid off when the Celtics clinched the 2023/24 NBA Finals. Their $5 wager on this longshot resulted in a $2,760.87 payout.

Horse Racing Surprise: A lucky bettor with an eye for underdogs celebrated a big win at the races. Their 50 INR wager on outsider Lake Mac Lily in Race 6 at Muswebrook paid a whopping 7,550 INR.

Portugal Victory: A high-rolling bettor placed a massive $586,319.22 stake in Portugal to win their match against the Czech Republic. Their confidence was rewarded with a $938,110.75 payout.

Parlay Pays Off: A skilled bettor combined 16 winning selections across three sports for a massive 188.69-to-1 payout. Their $111.89 stake turned into a cool $21,112.09 windfall.

MLS Multi-Win: Another impressive parlay saw a bettor turn a $50.61 stake into a life-changing $38,615.25 payout thanks to a winning multi-bet on MLS matches.

Casino Games

Sweet Bonanza: saw a lucky player hit a colossal win on the popular Sweet Bonanza slot game. Their $201.18 bet landed a massive 5,360.32x multiplier, resulting in a staggering $1,078,382.60 payout.

Max Win on Master Joker: Rollbit saw a player achieve the ultimate win on the Master Joker slot. Their $500 bet landed a perfect 1,000x multiplier for a maximum payout of $500,000.00.

X Flip Triumph: Another Rollbit player enjoyed a big win in the X Flip coin-flipping game. Their $500 bet landed a 62.72x multiplier, resulting in a $31,360.00 payout.

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