Last Updated: May 13, 2024

Popular crypto casino and betting platform reported a few scintillating wins across different games in the final week of April and early May. From sports parlays to casino games, these victories made April a month filled with excitement and fortune-lucky players on

Le Bandit Delivers Max Win

An extraordinary win in the game Le Bandit came about when a player struck gold with a bet of $101.12. With an astonishing multiplier of 10,000.00x, they walked away with an eye-popping payout of $1,011,199.99.

Multi-Sport Parlay Pays Off Big

One savvy bettor took a chance on a multi-sport parlay featuring matchups from basketball and hockey. Despite the odds stacked against them, with a multiplier of 11.85, this bettor staked $7,837.99 and walked away with an impressive payout of $92,864.46.

Train to Seoul Delivers Massive Multiplier

In another thrilling win, a player struck gold on the Train to Seoul game. With a mere $2.78 bet, they were rewarded with an astonishing multiplier of 11,771.20x, resulting in a remarkable payout of $32,727.37.

Half a Million Dollar Win on Soccer Parlay

A bold bettor turned heads with a remarkable win on a soccer parlay. By placing a $55,000 bet on a selection of soccer matches, including Chicago Fire vs. Real Salt Lake, Houston Dynamo vs. Austin FC, and others, they secured odds of 10.19. The stunning outcome? A whopping $560,428.17 win.

The Mad Mines Strikes Again

The winning streak didn’t stop there, as another player hit it big on the game Mad Mines. Despite placing a modest bet of $2.69, they were rewarded with an extraordinary multiplier of 11,314.94x, resulting in a remarkable payout of $30,491.79.

Football Parlay Triumph celebrated another impressive win as a player scored big on a football parlay. With odds of 188.13 and a stake of $80.03, they clinched a handsome payout of $15,055.00.

Top 5 wins in April

These wins cap a month full of exciting wins for players. Here are some top wins in April:

$1.011 Million Win on Le Bandit: A lucky player secured the top spot with a life-changing win on the Le Bandit slot. With a bet of $101.12, they hit a remarkable 10,000x multiplier, walking away with an astonishing $1,011,199.99.

$773K Euro Qualifier Multi Win on Another significant win occurred on with a six-fold Euro Qualifier multi. A bet of $14,860.56, with odds of 52.04, resulted in an impressive payout of $773,315.45.

$922K Chaos Crew 2 Slot Win: An unnamed player struck gold on the Chaos Crew 2 slot, bagging a whopping $430,876.65 win. With a modest bet of $21.54, they triggered an extraordinary 20,000x multiplier.

$78K Boxing Match Win on A lucky bettor capitalized on a major upset in a boxing match, where Ryan Garcia defeated Devin Haney by decision. With a stake of $3,005.84, they walked away with an impressive $78,151.85 win, thanks to odds of 26:1.

$52.5K Wanted Dead or Wild Jackpot Win: In a testament to the potential for massive payouts on’s casino games, a slot player hit a jackpot on the “Wanted Dead or Wild” game. With just a $5 bet, they scored a staggering $52,500 payout, showcasing the thrill and excitement of online gaming.