Last Updated: May 10, 2024

Crypto casino Rollbit reported several remarkable wins across various games last week. From jaw-dropping jackpots to astonishing multipliers, the recent streak of victories has several awe-inspiring moments.

Clash of Titans: Zeus Vs Hades

A player who went by Ezikbobr secured the biggest win last week, emerging victorious in the epic battle between Zeus and Hades, two formidable gods of war. Placing a bet of $600.00, Ezikbobr witnessed their fortune soar as they secured an astonishing $1,700,760.00 with a multiplier of 2,834.60.

The Mystery Jackpot Winner

A lucky player, who played incognito, struck gold on Rollbit Lottery with a massive jackpot win of $18,456.31. The total lottery prizes distributed among winners totaled an impressive $21,999.34.

Dork Unit Delivers Big

Another standout win occurred when an anonymous player scored big on the Dork Unit game. With a bet of $200.00, they managed to clinch an astounding $596,900.00, thanks to an extraordinary multiplier of 2,984.50.

Max Wins on Classic Games

In a twist on classic games, Rollbit introduced Starlight Princess 1000 and Gates of Olympus 1000, offering players the chance to win big with a maximum multiplier of 15,000x. On May 4, two players seized this opportunity and reaped significant rewards.

Royl3roi33 made a bold move with a $4.00 bet on Starlight Princess 1000, resulting in a jaw-dropping win of $60,000.00. Similarly, Kingkirby bet $1.00 on Gates of Olympus 1000 and pocketed an impressive $15,000.00.

Top 3 Wins in April

Rollbit players had a massive winning streak in April, including a $2.9 million win. Ezikbobr clinched an astounding win of nearly $3 million on April 6. Betting $600 on the Zeus Vs Hades: Gods of War slot, Ezikbobr secured a multiplier of 4,848.27, resulting in a massive total win of $2,908,960.

Kgfjbnn experienced the enchantment of Starlight Princess 1000 on April 1, walking away with a substantial $1,350,000 win. With a $90 bet, they triggered an impressive 15,000x multiplier.

GoldenFish5000 claimed a significant victory on April 11 while playing The Wild Gang. With a $500 bet, they reeled in an impressive $1,003,840 win, thanks to a remarkable 2,007.68x multiplier.