Last Updated: June 6, 2024

The drop is nearly 51% compared to the all-time high monthly revenue of about $65 million seen in January and March 2024

Crypto casino platform Rollbit’s May 2024 revenue has dropped 39.15% over the previous month to $31.83 million. It marks a drop of about 51% over January and March when the monthly revenues hit the highest levels of $64.92 million and $64.83 million respectively.

The casino, crypto futures, and sports revenue for May stood at $23.06 million, $4.99 million, and $3.78 million respectively.

Rollbit’s Month-wise Revenue Since January 2024

Month Total Revenue (USD) Casino Revenue (USD) Crypto Futures Revenue (USD) Sports Betting Revenue (USD) Monthly Movement (%)
May 31,835,690.10 23,064,362.70 4,991,006.97 3,780,320.45 -39.15%
April 52,320,000.00 27,780,000.00 5,870,000.00 18,690,000.00 -19.30%
March 64,830,000.00 34,572,609.43 8,068,847.80 22,196,713.08 +3.93%
February 62,000,000.00 34,095,138.00 6,170,580.00 22,094,825.00 -4.50%
January 64,926,252.00 48,334,775.10 7,812,971.92 10,778,505.17 +12.00%

May Mark RLB’s Transition from Solana to Ethereum

The sharp drop in May revenue coincides with Rollbit completing its migration from Solana to Ethereum, a process that began in June 2023. With the transition, 71,746,581.83 unaccounted tokens left on Solana were systematically burned.

“Migrating RLB to Ethereum has long been the most requested upgrade we make to RLB. We felt that being on Solana restricted RLB’s growth and therefore are happy to announce that we’re migrating RLB to the Ethereum network!,” Razer stated.

RLB Buy and Burn

Rollbit has burnt 48,031,799 RLB worth $4,103,822.20 during the 30-Day of May 2024. It takes the total number of RLB tokens bought and burnt to 2,381,942,649 which is 47.64% of the initial RLB supply of 5 billion RLB tokens. The existing supply of RLB stands at 2,618,057,351 RLB or 52.36% of the initial supply.

RLB Price Movement

At press time (12:59 pm, 5 June 2024, ET), RLB was priced at $0.0655 on CoinMarketCap, up a modest 2.03% in the 24-hour scale but down 17.41% in the 7-day timeframe. The 1-month price movement is a significant 38.90% decline. With a market cap of $174,819,757, RLB is ranked #343.

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