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Last Updated: August 1, 2022
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If you’ve recently discovered the allure of crypto casino gambling, you know that one exciting digital currency you can use is Casino Coin (CSC). The CSC is a relatively new cryptocurrency introduced in 2017 but slowly making waves in the online gambling industry.

What differentiates it from other altcoins is that it’s been purpose-built for casinos and gambling apps. As a result, casino Coin Crypto offers faster, more private, and more secure than other options out there. Additionally, players who use it for online gambling can enjoy lower transaction fees.

If you want to play using CSC, you must know its basics and general tips on buying and using coins for gambling. Moreover, as new crypto, buying and storing CSC can be challenging for new players. But in this brief guide, we’ll provide you with some background on how to get started.

Exchanges Where You Can Buy CSC

If this is your first time hunting for CSC, you can be easily intimidated by the range of options you can choose from regarding exchanges where you can buy CSC.

To help you narrow your search, here are the three best places to buy the crypto casino for your wallet.

  • HotBit. This platform has been tested over time and has worked with notable names in the blockchain industry, such as Spark Pool, HashQuark, and more. In addition, they allow US customers to register.
  • P2PB2B. Another popular altcoin exchange is the P2PB2B exchange: an Estonian crypto exchange launched last 2018. They also allow US users and feature various tradeable crypto pairs, including CSC.
  • LBank. Based in Hong Kong, this exchange platform has since delivered professional and quality service to customers in over 200 countries worldwide. Aside from being able to buy and sell CSC, they also have staked educational features.

How to Buy Casino Coin

Most users who want to get into regulated online gambling will likely find that buying Casino Coin can be confusing.
But as long as you know what you need to do, you can successfully buy CSC without any problems.
Though the exact steps differ based on your chosen platform, you’ll find general steps you’ll need to follow to start buying your coins!

Steps to Buy Casino Coin:

Step 1: Register to a Crypto Exchange

Before you can buy CSC, you first have to set up an account and pass the site’s KYC process. 
Here are some of the biggest crypto exchanges online:
- Coinbase
- Uphold
- Binance
However, remember that you can’t directly buy altcoins like CSC in many exchanges using fiat money. Instead, you must purchase a popular cryptocurrency and swap it for CSC.

Step 2: Buying BTC, ETH, or Other Currencies

As mentioned, the platforms that host CSC won’t accept direct trades with fiat currency, so you will need to buy a popular cryptocurrency that the alt-coin platform will take.
These currencies are most commonly the following:
You can easily buy these currencies by following instructions on your crypto exchange, which will likely involve a bank transfer to fund the transaction.

Step 3: Choosing an Altcoin Platform

Now that you have a crypto exchange and have bought your main cryptocurrency, you can now choose an exchange that will handle changing your cryptocurrency into Casino Coins. Unfortunately, not all crypto exchanges take these types of transactions, as CSCs are not that common.
The most reliable platforms that offer CSC are listed above, and all you have to do is choose and register an account.

Step 4: Transferring Your Cryptocurrency

Your next step is to transfer your selected cryptos like BTC/ETH/USDT from your crypto exchange to your altcoin exchange account.
Once again, you can easily do this by following instructions on the cryptocurrency platform.
Every platform will have a Transfer option requiring you to transfer a certain amount of currency from one wallet to the other.

Step 5: Buying CSC

If your cryptocurrency has made it to the altcoin exchange, you only have to trade them for CSC.
Different platforms will have various interfaces, but you can search for the currency you want to buy (in this case, CSC). After that, you can trade it for the cryptocurrency you just transferred to the altcoin platform.

Buying Crypto Casino Coins in 2022

Buying Casino Coins might be intimidating for first-time users, and that’s true. However, as long as you know where to buy and have accounts on the exchanges you want, you can easily buy crypto, swap it for CSC, and use the coins to fund your online casino account!


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