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Last Updated: July 28, 2022
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There are several popular decentralized gaming apps, also called ‘dApps’, where you can play popular online casino games. Dapps, like your regular online casinos, are also home to premium online slots, blackjack, and roulette games. In addition, since Dapps promotes blockchain technology, players can enjoy provably fair games and use Bitcoin and other alt-coins for payments. Right now, one leading dApps in the industry is TrustDice, a gambling site operated by Satoshi Gaming Group N.V.

TrustDice is a decentralized app built on the EOS network and is one of the top five gambling dapps on, with an estimated 3,200 unique daily users. What’s special about TrustDice Dapp? You’re about to find out!

How to Open a TrustDice Dapp Account

It’s pretty simple to join TrustDice dApp. 

After entering your preferred username, click “Create Account,” and your new account will be ready immediately. TrustDice Dapp gives a generous bonus when you sign up.

One of the perks of using TrustDice Dapp Casino is that you don’t need to give out too much information about yourself before you can start using the casino. However, remember to submit the proper paperwork before withdrawing from this gaming site.

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What is a dApp Casino?

The online casino industry is constantly changing. The changes include the decentralization of casinos and the rise of casino dApps. So what are casino dApps, and how will they affect casino games? 

Dapps are decentralized applications that don’t reside on a central computer server like regular apps. In other words, they’re powered by those who choose to lend computing power to the blockchain. It runs in exchange for rewards instead of being centralized.

For instance, if you’re to use a casino app on your mobile device, you’ll need to download it directly from the website to your device. In the background, your device links with the app’s server and executes all of the code, from how the games run to payouts.

However, casino dApps run differently. When you use dApps, your device connects to a network of many other computers. Some of these computers may be solely dedicated to the casino dApp’s operation to make money. On the other hand, TrustDice Dapp assists with the casino’s administration. 

Benefits of Dapp Casinos

Casino dApps address several issues players often encounter and help improve the gambling experience. Let’s look at players’ advantages by downloading and playing with the TrustDice dApp.

  • dApps are reliable
    It’s prevalent in regular online casinos for players to lose money while playing a game because the game shuts down. Sometimes when this happens, it can be a server issue causing the game to freeze. Casino Dapps don’t experience this because no central server is hosting them. Even if a computer goes off, all the other computers will step in to verify the transactions and keep the system running.
  • Games are fair and transparent thanks to provably fair games 
    Since all transactions are verified and recorded by every computer on the network, cheating is impossible. Also, the public ledger/record on casino dApps can’t be changed. So there won’t be any issue of denials about deposits or withdrawals, among other things. In addition, popular dApps such as TrustDice host provably fair games like Dice and Crash.
  • Payouts are fast and secure
    Withdrawing money at some online casinos can be a real pain. However, it’s different for casino dApps. Here, there is a single entity that tracks the payments. Instead, the network stores and transfers the money as needed. Also, there are almost no fees for withdrawals.
  • They are safe and secure 
    It’s nearly impossible for a hack to occur if you use dApps that run on robust blockchains like Ethereum or Bitcoin Cash. It’s safer than traditional casinos, where a hacker only needs to guess your username and password. This is where bitcoin casinos like TrustDice Dapp stand out.


If you’re looking for a safe place to play online casino games, you should sign up with TrustDice dApp Casino. Playing at this casino has many benefits, and we’ve highlighted these benefits in this article. You can sign up with them and claim their generous welcome bonus for new players.


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