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In case you play competitive games, such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Valorant, or Rainbow Six Siege, you might have already come across the term Strat Roulette CSGO. In case you have heard it for the first time, you might be wondering what it means. Even though the term is used in a derogatory fashion, it has become a new way to look at a game. It is used for players or teams who lack a strategy or an idea about the game. 

Want to know more about the Strat Roulette? Keep reading.

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What is Strat Roulette CSGO?

Strat Roulette CSGO refers to a lack of strategy. It is based on the concept that the team doesn’t have an idea about what they are doing, using various random defensive and offensive strategies. This is just like dropping a ball at the roulette table where a simple guess can work and expect a favorable outcome. 

In case you get to hear Strat Roulette in the game, it might be spoken in a condescending way. When your opponent is talking, they might be implying that your team is playing without any kind of strategy. It might also be used by your team for your opponent when they don’t have an action plan or haven’t decided to work together. 

Nevertheless, just like video games are, Strat Roulette CSGO evolved with time. It is no longer just an insult. Rather, it is taken to be an efficient and strategic way to play. With this, you might opt for random strategies and it doesn’t really matter if the strategies work for you. The fun mainly lies in trying out the strategies to play. These can be useless, bizarre, or even outrageous. 

At times, the gamers take it to be trolling. This is because if you are using casual strategies, you might not be playing seriously. However, if used in the group, the approach might lead to a hilarious situation. 

Strat Roulette CSGO Tactics You can Use in the Game

Some of the strat roulette strategies that you can use for the game are given below. 

  • Cowboys and Terrorists: In case you are looking for a challenge, the best gun to use is R8. Simply because it is hard doesn’t really mean it is not a fun gun. Ask everyone on the team to R8 and find out if you can win against the enemy. 
  • Run and Gun: If you play CS: GO, you might already know how to run and gun. However, that is not what goes on. In this strategy, the moment you start to run, you cannot stop once the round is over. Don’t take off the finger from the W key or you will have to forfeit the round. 
  • Turtle: In the game, Negev is the slowest fun. If you hold, it will feel like you are moving as slow as the turtle. Hence, for this challenge, everyone on the team has to get the Negev. However, the catch is, for the whole round, they will have to play with the same weapon. 
  • Gladiator: This is a fan favorite and is the one that has been tried out by many players before. At the beginning of the round, just one player is allowed to leave the spawn and they have to try and win this round. In case they die, one person from the spawn will have to leave and try to win. This cycle is going to be repeated until someone wins. 

Bottom Line

Strat Roulette CSGO has turned out to be an integrated part of the game. Even though previously considered to be a derogatory phrase, it has now become a strategic method. 

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