Last Updated: May 3, 2022
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Stake Casino is one of the leading Bitcoin gambling destinations. Thanks to its support for leading digital coins from Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple to Tron, casino players can fully maximize the perks associated with cryptocurrencies. Stake Casino’s readiness for crypto gambling by its support for fun, exciting, and provably fair games like Plinko. If you’re a fan of TV shows, you’ll remember the Stake Casino game Plinko as a side game in the 1980s show called The Price is Right. Also, it takes some inspiration from the famous Japanese Pachino machines. 

Plinko is a fun and entertaining casino game to play. As the game starts, you wait for the ball to move through pins and land in one of the multipliers. Plinko is an exciting real money casino game that’s random and provably fair. If you are lucky, Plinko offers a maximum win of 5 BTC!

Plinko Game Features

As you open the Plinko game, you will be presented with a pyramid on the mainboard on the screen. It looks like an arcade game consisting of pins arranged in a pyramid. The dots are brightly colored, and the balls will drop down and move their way through the pins and land in one of the random multipliers. 

Plinko is a friendly game that allows the players to customize their gambling experience or even manage their risks. For example, you can select from Low, Medium, or High Risk. There’s also an option to choose the pin configuration, and the multipliers are at the bottom. 

The game functions include the Bet Amount, Risk, and Rows. The Bet Amount is the money you want to wager for the game. In addition, there’s the Risk field is a unique feature of Stake Casino that allows the player to set their odds.

If you choose the High Risk, wins are less likely. But if you win, it is more profitable compared to other risks. The choice of risk will vary on your bankroll and preference. If you choose the Lower Risk, you reduce the risk of losing money while gaining better chances of winning. The last field is the Rows field which allows you to activate multiple paylines. The more rows you choose, the game board adjusts.  

How to Play Stake Casino’s Plinko 

Playing the Stake Casino game, Plinko offers straightforward gameplay. Plinko can be played for free or for real cash prizes. To play the game for real cash, first, you need to have an account with Stake Casino and fund it. Then, to start the game, you need to input the bet amount. Upon making bets, you will see the wagered amount, profits, and the prize you can win on-screen. As the game starts, the balls roll down through a maze of pins. Each box where the ball will land has corresponding multipliers. These multipliers multiply your bet, and you collect5 your winnings instantly. Multipliers range from 0.2x up to 1,000x the stake. 

How to Win with Plinko at Stake Casino  

Since it is a Bitcoin (BTC) game, the betting range starts with 0.00000001 BTC and goes up to 0.1 BTC. At Stake Casino, bettors can play using a variety of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple. If you get lucky and the balls land on the maximum multiplier, you can get a maximum win of 5 BTC. 

The game’s payout ratio ranges from 97% to 99%, making it a friendly game. Also, players can use the Auto Play option that lets you schedule the number of rounds to play.

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Plinko at Provably Fair Game that Lets You Manage Your Risk

Stake Casino’s Plinko offers players friendly gameplay and better game customization. Aside from the bets, there are options to set a risk level and choose the number of pins to use in each random round. Changing the number of pins on the screen alters the game mechanics and changes the payout potential. All these features and menu options help make Plinko become one of the exciting Bitcoin games to play at Stake today,

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