Last Updated: April 21, 2022
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Cryptocurrency gambling is increasing in popularity and is widely available right now. It’s completely anonymous, payments are secure, private, and instant, and several gambling platforms now support this type of gambling. Another reason for its popularity is the wide availability of Bitcoin games: whether you’re a fan of slot machines or table games, you can easily find a casino where you can play using Bitcoin. 

But there’s one game that’s attached to Bitcoin gambling more than the rest- Roll Dice Bitcoin games. Available in most Bitcoin casinos, Roll Dice games are entertaining, offer random outcomes, and often run using Blockchain technology. Read this guide to learn more about the Roll Dice Bitcoin games.

What are Roll Dice Bitcoin Games?

Dice-based casino games are common in many traditional casinos. Some of the exciting casino dice games to play are Craps and Sic Bo among others. In Craps, a pair of dice is used to make bets on the outcome of their rolls. During plat, wagers are made against the casino or the player. Sic Bo, on the other hand, is popular in Asia and uses three dice on the table. Again, you need to bet on the outcome of the throw of the three dice. For example, you can make Small or Big Bets, or put your money on ‘sum’ bets.

The Roll Dice Bitcoin games available in top crypto casinos work differently. Aside from the fact that it only accepts BTC, these games boast simple yet provably fair outcomes.

Easy to play

Bitcoin dice games are easy to play with fairly-straightforward rules. The most basic rule in this game is to roll a dice and come up with a random outcome. As a player, you simply wager whether it is ‘High’ or ‘Low’. If your bet is correct, you earn a payout! 

In most Bitcoin casinos, players have the option to configure their bets or payouts by adjusting the in-game preferences. Since it’s a BTC game, you also get your payout in the same currency. 

In some Bitcoin Dice casinos, there is also an option to automate your bets similar to the ‘Autoplay’ option in online slots.

Roll dice games are provably fair

Perhaps the best feature of Roll Dice Bitcoin games is its fairness. Specifically, these dice games belong to what the industry calls ‘provably fair’ casino games. It means that these games rely on a provably fair cryptographic system that is free from manipulation. Also, players can easily double-check the results to ensure that the results were not tampered with.

Ready to Play Roll Dice Bitcoin Games?

Roll Dice games are some of the most thrilling and fair games to play at casinos. With some luck and a solid conviction, you can win big in many crypto casinos. But before you play, make sure to review the top cryptocurrency casinos that host these games. 

As always, pick your partner casino based on reputation, customer support, and its approved remote licenses and certifications. You want to play these games on a website that offers complete and professional support at all times!

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