Last Updated: May 13, 2024

Outright bets are placed on leading sporting events, which can be both team and individual sports. Winning for an outright bet comes when the team or the player wins the final. 

Outright bets are a popular form of wagering in sports betting. These bets allow punters to bet on the overall winner of a tournament or competition. Whether it’s predicting the champion of the English Premier League or picking the winner of Wimbledon, outright bets offer exciting opportunities for sports enthusiasts.

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You can place multiple outright bets in a single tournament. However, it’s crucial to manage your bankroll effectively and ensure you’re not overexposing yourself to unnecessary risk. Outright betting is not limited to team sports. Individual sports like tennis and athletics also provide opportunities for outright bets.

As with any form of betting, there are inherent risks in outright betting. It’s important to gamble responsibly and only wager what you can afford to lose. When staking your money on an outright bet, consider factors such as your confidence in the selection, potential returns, and your overall bankroll management strategy.

What is an Outright Bet?

An outright bet is a type of wager placed on the outcome of an entire tournament or competition rather than individual games or events within that tournament. These bets are generally placed before the tournament begins, but they can also be placed after the action has already started. The most common example of an outright bet is betting on the overall winner of a tournament or competition.

For instance, you can place an outright bet on New Zealand to win the Rugby World Cup or on Manchester United to win the English Premier League in a specific season. When you place an outright bet, you are essentially backing a team or player to achieve ultimate victory in their respective competition.

The payout for an outright bet is usually determined at the conclusion of the tournament or when the predicted outcome has occurred. For example, if you place a bet on the winner of the English Premier League at the beginning of the season, you will receive your winnings once the season concludes.

How Does an Outright Bet Work?

Outright bets offer various markets and outcomes for punters to choose from. Let’s explore some popular types of outright bets:

  1. Outright Winner: This is perhaps the most common type of outright bet. Here, you need to predict which team will finish at the top of the table or leaderboard, securing the overall victory. The odds for outright winner bets are relatively high since only one team out of the entire competition can emerge as the winner.
  2. Relegation: In certain tournaments or leagues, teams with the lowest points accumulated throughout the season face relegation to a lower league. By predicting which teams will be relegated, you can place a successful outright bet.
  3. Top 4 Finish: This type of bet involves predicting whether a team will finish among the top four in a tournament or league. The odds for this bet are relatively lower since it requires teams to secure a position in the top four.
  4. To Qualify: Commonly seen during playoffs or at the end of a season, this bet focuses on which teams will qualify for the next stage or level of a tournament.
  5. Bottom 3: Similar to the top 4 finish bet, this wager requires you to predict which teams will finish among the bottom three in a tournament or league. The probability for this outcome is lower due to it being limited to three teams.
  6. Top Goalscorer/Golden Boot: This market allows you to predict the player who will score the most goals throughout a season or tournament.

These are just a few examples of outright bets; there are many more options available depending on the sport and competition you are interested in. It’s important to note that odds for outright bets can fluctuate based on team/player performance and progress made within the competition.

Let’s consider an example to understand outright bets better. Imagine you place an outright bet on Novak Djokovic, one of the world’s top tennis players, to win Wimbledon at the beginning of the tournament when he has seven rounds in front of him. Your $10 bet would return more if he reaches the quarter-finals because his chances of winning have increased with fewer rounds remaining.

Furthermore, some bookmakers also offer each-way outright bets, where you can receive a return if your selected player/team reaches the final, even if they do not win the tournament. These each-way bets provide a safety net and reduce the risk of losing your entire stake.

Tips and Strategies for Outright Betting

To increase your chances of success with outright bets, it’s important to follow these tips and strategies:

  1. Research: Before placing outright bets, gather as much information as possible about the teams/players involved. Analyze their previous performances, recent signings, and performance against opponents. This research will give you valuable insights and help inform your betting decisions.
  2. Timing Matters: Betting early in the season can often provide higher odds value since it’s at its peak before any outcomes are determined. However, it’s also wise to monitor the competition for some time before committing to an outright bet. This allows you to assess team/player form and make more informed predictions.
  3. Stake Wisely: Since outright bets are long-term wagers, it’s crucial to consider the amount you stake on each bet. Ensure that you stake an amount you’re comfortable with, as these bets have a one-off payout at the end of the tournament or when the outcome is achieved.
  4. Utilize Free Bets and Bonuses: Take advantage of free bet offers and betting bonuses provided by bookmakers. These offers can enhance your betting experience and potentially increase your overall returns.

By employing these tips and strategies, you can approach outright betting with confidence and improve your chances of success.

Most Popular Sports for Making Outright Bets

Outright bets are prevalent across various sports, but some sports stand out as popular choices for this type of wagering:

  1. Football: The English Premier League, FIFA World Cup, UEFA European Championships, and other major football tournaments offer a myriad of outright betting opportunities. From predicting winners to top goalscorers, football fans have plenty of options to choose from.
  2. Basketball: NBA and other basketball leagues provide opportunities for outright bets on the league winner, most valuable player (MVP), and other exciting markets.
  3. Horse Racing: Horse racing enthusiasts can place outright bets on race winners, top-five finishes, and even the most improved horse/rider pairing.
  4. Tennis: Wimbledon, Australian Open, US Open, French Open, and other major tennis tournaments offer outright betting options. You can bet on the tournament winner or even the top-seeded players.

These sports offer transparent league structures and have a global fan base, making them ideal for outright betting. Whether you’re a football fanatic or a tennis enthusiast, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to engage in outright betting on your favorite sport.

Wrapping Up

Outright betting adds an extra layer of excitement to sports tournaments and competitions. By placing a wager on the overall winner or specific outcomes within a competition, punters can enjoy long-term betting opportunities with potentially lucrative payouts. Understanding how outright bets work and employing effective strategies can significantly enhance your chances of success in this form of wagering. So explore outright betting options in your favorite sports and make informed decisions with our helpful tips and insights. Remember to stay responsible with your bets and enjoy the thrill of predicting sporting triumphs!

7) FAQs

  1. Can I place an outright bet after a tournament has started?

Yes, it’s possible to place an outright bet after a tournament has started. However, keep in mind that the odds may change once the competition is underway. 

2: What happens if my selected team/player doesn’t qualify for the intended outcome?

In outright betting, if your selected team/player fails to qualify for the outcome you predicted, you will lose your entire stake. 

3: Can I place each-way bets in outright betting?

Yes, many bookmakers offer each-way outright bets. These bets provide a return if your selection reaches the final, even if they do not win. 

4: Are outright bets only available for high-profile events?

No, outright betting markets are now available for a wide range of tournaments and competitions, including lower divisions and niche sports. 

5: When is the best time to place an outright bet?

The best time to place an outright bet depends on various factors. Betting early in the season can provide higher odds value, but monitoring the competition before committing can also be beneficial. 

6: Can I place outright bets on international tournaments?

Yes, outright bets can be placed on both domestic and international tournaments across different sports. 

7: Is research important when placing outright bets?

Researching teams/players’ previous performances, recent signings, and records against opponents is crucial to making informed decisions when placing outright bets. 

8: What are some popular types of outright bets?

Popular types of outright bets include predicting the overall winner, top goalscorer, relegation candidates, and top-four finishers in a tournament or league. 

9: How do odds change in outright betting during a tournament?

Odds in outright betting can fluctuate based on team/player performance and progress made within the tournament. Impressive performances can lead to shorter odds, while unexpected outcomes may result in longer odds. 

10: Can outright bets be placed on individual sports like golf or tennis?

Yes, outright bets are commonly placed on individual sports like golf, tennis, and athletics. You can bet on the winner of a specific tournament or even predict top performers in different aspects of the competition.